Marco Dell'Aquila

Marco Dell'Aquila

Senior Adjunct Professor of Energy, Resources and Environment
Energy, Resources and Environment
International Development

SAIS Europe


  • Latin America
  • Corporate Finance
  • Energy Issues
  • International Political Economy
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Serbo-Croatian
  • Spanish

Background and Education

Marco Dell'Aquila has spent 26 years in the energy sector, of which the last 18 years in renewables and cleantech. He is Chairman of Power Capital, a London-based financial and strategic advisory firm, and has also served on a number of company boards. He has taught at SAIS since 2011 and is a member of the SAIS Europe Advisory Council. He was a Fellow of the Institute of Latin America Studies in the late 1980s. Dell'Aquila has a BS in Civil and Structural Engineering from the University of Manchester and an MA in International Relations and Economics from SAIS.

Publications: Contributed to Regulatory Policy in Latin America: Post-Privatization Realities, L. Manzetti (ed.) (2000); Co-author of "Economic Stabilisation in Argentina: the Austral Plan," in Journal of Latin American Studies (1988)

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Spring 2018 
This course pro...
This course provides an overview of the renewable energy sector. Students will be exposed to all of the building blocks necessary to take a renewable energy project from concept to reality, spanning regulation, technical, project development and financing aspects. By necessity the topic is multi-disciplinary and also international in its scope. The course will provide a context for renewable energy projects in the wider energy debate. There will be a number of guest speakers who are experts in their field and will expose students to live projects. (Cross listed International Development/International Relations) (ERE)