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Visit ‘The Recap’ for summaries, videos, and photos of our world-class events. Read More »
SAIS Europe Seminar Series
Gary Sheffield of the University of Wolverhampton, U.K. spoke to the SAIS Europe community about lessons we can learn from the first World War. Read More »
Guide to Graduate Education
Take a look at The Washington Post’s Graduate Guide featuring Johns Hopkins SAIS. Read More »
News: Fidel Castro's Legacy
In an interview with The Christian Science Monitor, Professor Riordan Roett commented on Fidel Castro’s imprint on US foreign policy. Read More »
News: South Korea Political Scandal
Lecturer of Korea Studies Eunjung Lim has written an article on the significance of the protests by the South Korean people over the recent Presidential political scandal. Read More »
News: Stress-Testing American Grand Strategy
An article examining America's grand strategy in the post-Cold War era, co-authored by Professor Hal Brands has been featured in Foreign Policy. Read More »
News: Did Mideast Crises Hamper Obama's Asia Pivot?
In an article for The Cipher Brief, CTR-SAIS Fellow Christina Lin writes that with the incoming Trump presidency, much ink has been spilled regarding the “end” of President Barack Obama’s pivot to Asia. Read More »
News: Donald Trump's Big Test in the Middle East
In an article for The Atlantic, Dean Vali Nasr examines President-elect Donald Trump and the challenges he will encounter with the Middle East region. Read More »