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African Ambassadors Roundtable
The SAIS China Africa Research Initiative hosted a roundtable briefing on China-Africa issues for the African Ambassador community in Washington, DC.

Twenty Years After Dayton

The Center for Transatlantic Relations at Johns Hopkins SAIS hosted a conference examining the prospects for progress in reforms in Bosnia and Herzegovina to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the Dayton Peace Accords. 

2015 Max M. Fisher Prize for Excellence in Teaching

Matthias Matthijs, assistant professor of International Political Economy gave a lecture on “The German Leadership Conundrum” during an event commemorating his 2015 Max M. Fisher Prize for Excellence in Teaching. 

Restructuring Finance for a New Global Economy

Bertrand Badré, managing director and World Bank Group CFO joined the Johns Hopkins SAIS community for a conversation on the reshaping of the global economy and a change in the role of banks.  

African Ambassadors Roundtable
Twenty Years After Dayton
2015 Max M. Fisher Prize for Excellence in Teaching
Restructuring Finance for a New Global Economy
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News: Can Russia and the West cooperate on Syria?
Dean Vali Nasr joined PBS Newshour to offer insight on Russia and the West's cooperation over Syria following ISIS-led attacks. Read More »
News: When Deterrence Fails
“Deterrence isn’t a sure thing even in the best of circumstances—and for the West these are not the best of circumstances,” writes Jakub Grygiel, professor of International Relations in his latest article for The American Interest. Read More »
News: Views on Strategy for Iraq and Syria
Professor John McLaughlin testified at a House Armed Services Committee hearing on foreign policy and strategy in Iraq and Syria. Read More »
News: Divergence in Central Banking
Erik Jones, director of the European and Eurasian Studies Program writes in an op-ed that policymakers are binding themselves to future courses of action, but they need to respond flexibly to risks. Read More »
News: After the Iran Nuclear Deal
Siniša Vukovic, professor of Conflict Management has co-authored a new report that examines the Iran nuclear deal through a European persepctive. Read More »
News: Managing Relations Between Two Big Powers
David M. Lampton, director of China Studies delivered the annual Barnett-Oksenberg Lecture on US-China relations during a recent trip to Shanghai. Read More »
SAIS Europe Seminars
Andrea Locatelli spoke about Right and Might in Cyberspace: The Limits and Prospects of the Law of War in the Cyber Domain. See Seminar Report »
News: Boko Haram Attacks
Paul Lubek, director of the Africa Studies Program comments on Nigerian President Muhammad Buhari’s advances to root out Boko Haram in the district. Read More »
News: Like Father, Like Son
Christopher Sands, director of Canadian Studies offers insight on how Canada's new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will respond to terrorism threats. Read More »
Study: Public-Private Partnerships
A new study by Johns Hopkins SAIS and the Lilly Foundation shares important insights into how public-private partnerships can be designed and conducted for maximum impact. Read More »
News: After Paris: Why More Europe Is Needed
Federiga Bindi, senior fellow at the Center for Transatlantic Relations at Johns Hopkins SAIS writes the French government calling for article 42.7 of the Treaty of the European Union (TEU) following the Paris attacks was a poor choice. Read More »
News: US-Pakistan Relations
Daniel Markey, director of the Global Policy Program writes that the White House should seize a chance to address the fault lines in the US-Pakistan relationship during General Raheel Sharif's visit to Washington. Read More »
News: War on ISIS
In an interview with "The Hub" Dean Vali Nasr sheds light on the Paris attacks and the need for a diplomatic solution to Syrian conflict. Read More »
News: Women and Toilets. A Tale of Two Worlds.
Tanvi Nagpal, associate director of the International Development Program writes about the lack of access to sanitary conditions for women and girls in the developing world. Read More »
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