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Visit ‘The Recap’ for summaries, videos, and photos of our world-class events. Read More »
SAIS Europe Seminar Series
Sir Lawrence Freedman of King's College London joined SAIS Europe for a discussion on whether the post-war international order is coming to an end. Read More »
Student Profiles: Johns Hopkins SAIS Snapshot Blog
Read about the diverse backgrounds and latest accomplishments of the Johns Hopkins SAIS community. Learn More »
News: Russia Probe
In an interview with Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC Professor John McLaughlin said that the U.S. election hacking is the most effective, covert operation that Russia has carried out in decades. Read More »
News: Brexit
By leaving the EU, the United Kingdom will lose influence over European foreign policy and thereby see its global clout wane further, writes Professor Matthias Matthijs in an article for Foreign Affairs. Read More »
News: U.S. Airstrikes
The Trump administration has opened an aperture for airstrikes and other counter-terrorism missions, Professor Hal Brands told The Washington Times. Read More »
News: Brexit
Senior Fellow at the Johns Hopkins SAIS Foreign Policy Institute (FPI) Afshin Molavi writes on Brexit in an op-ed for The Washington Post. Read More »
News: Pakistan's Diplomacy
In an article for The Express Tribune, Professor Touqir Hussain writes that Pakistan has very able diplomats but an underperforming diplomacy. Read More »