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Report: Enhanced Oil Recovery
Energy, Resources and Environment students have published a new report with Clean Water Action examining the environmental risks of enhanced oil recovery. Read More »
Student Profiles: Johns Hopkins SAIS Snapshot Blog
Read about the diverse backgrounds and latest accomplishments of the Johns Hopkins SAIS community. Learn More »
News: North Korea's Nukes
The standoff between the U.S. and North Korea is driven not by the behavior of any single leader, but by the unresolvable dilemmas of U.S. strategy in the nuclear age, write Professors Hal Brands and Francis J. Gavin in an article for Bloomberg View. Read More »
News: The Future of ISIS
The only effective way to halt the stream of groups like ISIS from emerging in the Middle East region would be finding common ground among local actors, Dean Vali Nasr told Newsweek. Read More »
News: The U.S.-Latin America Alliance
Director of Latin America Studies Riordan Roett told The New York Times that President Trump’s threat to use military against Venezuela puts the U.S. in the position of the ‘bully’. Read More »
News: Saving Realism from the So-Called Realists
In an op-ed for Commentary, Professor Hal Brands argued that a U.S. foreign policy approach based in security and pragmatism is now characterized by retrenchment and radicalism. Read More »
News: Renegotiating NAFTA
Director of Canadian Studies Christopher Sands told Canada's the National Post that all countries are guilty of hypocrisy on trade — preaching open commerce, while practicing protectionism. Read More »