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SAIS Magazine

Johns Hopkins SAIS has published its inaugural issue of SAIS Magazine highlighting news about the SAIS community. The first edition will feature the latest happenings at SAIS, reflections from alumni, recently published books from faculty, and more.  

CCSDD Summer Session

The Center for Constitutional Studies and Democratic Development, a research partner of SAIS Europe has begun it summer session: European Union and Legal Reform. Follow CCSDD for updates. 

Bloomberg Distinguished Professor

Jessica Fanzo has been selected as the first Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg Distinguished Associate Professor, joining Johns Hopkins SAIS and the Berman Institute of Bioethics to help lead the university's collaborative efforts in ethics, global food, and agricultural policy. 

People to People Exchange in US-China Relations

The SAIS China Studies Program, Project Pengyou, and the Committee of 100 co-hosted a speakers forum on June 21 exploring the historical, social, and political backdrop of Sino-American relations, as well as current issues seen from Washington today. 


SAIS Magazine
CCSDD Summer Session
Bloomberg Distinguished Professor
People to People Exchange in US-China Relations
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News & Events
Op-Ed: Iran Nuclear Deal
Dean Vali Nasr has published a new op-ed in The Washington Post, "Why did Iran sign on to a deal that will weaken its regional hold?" Read More »
Hopkins-Nanjing Center (HNC)
Learn more about The Hopkins-Nanjing Center for Chinese and American Studies (HNC) featured in Foreign Policy. View the Full Multimedia Story »
News: Iran Nuclear Deal
John McLaughlin, distinguished practitioner-in-residence at the Philip Merrill Center for Strategic Studies at Johns Hopkins SAIS, writes about the Iran nuclear deal in his latest op-ed for OZY. Read More »
News: Nigeria's Watershed Elections
Peter Lewis, associate dean for academic affairs and director of the African Studies Program at Johns Hopkins SAIS, has co-authored a report on Nigeria’s 2015 Presidential election for the Journal of Democracy. Read More »
News: Realism and the American Public
In an essay for The American Interest, Ruth Wedgwood, professor of International Law and Diplomacy at Johns Hopkins SAIS, explores the realist tradition in U.S. foreign policy. Read More »
News: From Ballet to International Affairs
Jeffrey Golladay left a 20-year ballet career to get his undergrad degree. This fall, he will be continuing his education at Johns Hopkins SAIS. Read More »
SAIS Europe Seminars
Loukas Tsoukalis spoke about Europe in Crisis: Is There a Way Out? as part of the Evens Foundation Cycle of Conferences. See Seminar Report »
News: North Korea
Construction to upgrade North Korea’s main rocket launch site now appears to be complete, says the U.S.-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins SAIS. Read More »
News: Death of Mullah Omar
Daniel Markey, academic director of the Global Policy Program at Johns Hopkins SAIS offers perspective on what Mullah Omar's death means for the Afghan peace talks and U.S.-Pakistan relations. Watch Video Segment »
News: U.S. - China Relations
Professor David M. Lampton spoke with The Asia Foundation about current U.S.-China relations, in anticipation of the first state visit by China’s President Xi Jinping to the United States, later this fall. Read More »
Alumni News
Johns Hopkins SAIS alumna, Elisabeth Millard, MA '81 has been nominated as Ambassador to the Republic of Tajikistan. Read More »
News: the Iran Nuclear Deal
Daniel Serwer, senior research professor of Conflict Management at Johns Hopkins SAIS offers insight into some criticisms of the Iran deal. Read More »
Watch the Video Series
The “Voices of SAIS” video series is a collection of individual stories that explores the diverse backgrounds of Johns Hopkins SAIS’s student body. View Series »
Reboot Trek
SAIS students visit social impact firm, Reboot, during the Conflict Management New York City Spring Career Trek, 2015