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SAIS Europe In the News
Professor Erik Jones writes that a slowdown in economic growth complicates plans to stabilize the growth of Italy’s public debts. Read More »
News: Rio Post-Olympics
In an article for Foreign Policy, Riordian Roett, director of Latin American Studies at Johns Hopkins SAIS writes on Brazil’s ongoing economic and political crises following the 2016 Olympics. Read More »
Event: SAIS Global Women Conference
On September 7, the SAIS Global Conference on Women in the Boardroom will bring together women in leadership roles to assess the progress being made to accelerate qualified women and minority directors to serve on publicly traded company boards. RSVP »
News: THAAD Missile Tensions
Jenny Town, assistant director of the US-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins SAIS joined CCTV America to discuss tensions over deploying the US THAAD missile system in North Korea. Read More »
News: Foreign Policy as Social Work 2.0
In an article for The American Interest, Professor Michael Mandelbaum offers insight on the US' attempts at nation-building after the Cold War. Read More »
News: Education in Afghanistan
Visiting Scholar Rohullah Osmani examines the success rate of Afghanistan’s education sector in an article for The Diplomat. Read More »
News: Iran's Role in Syria Conflict
Dean Vali Nasr joined CNN to offer insight on Iran’s influence in the Syria conflict. Read More »