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Our three campuses stay connected with each other through SAIS-specific clubs and the Johns Hopkins University Alumni Association

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In the world of Sino-international relations, Hopkins-Nanjing Center alumni represent more than 2,100 graduates worldwide.

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Keep the Connection

Prepared for leadership by their SAIS education and committed to serve, SAIS graduates are finding innovative and successful solutions to critical global issues.

News and Events
Our alumni have made successful contributions to the world on scales both large and small. We are proud of our alumni community at SAIS, and it is important for us to share the most recent news and events, in order to cultivate and promote the stories that define the influence that make our alumni so extraordinary.


SAIS alumni are connected in many ways—not just through their rich experiences at SAIS or the fond memories that bind them—they are physically connected via the outstanding alumni communities located around the globe. Discover this global network of alumni and reconnect with those who share this unique bond.


Lifelong Learning
Providing lifelong learning opportunities to SAIS alumni is important to us. As a special member of both SAIS and broader John Hopkins University alumni network, there are numerous ways to enhance both your personal and professional endeavors.


Get Involved
Current students at SAIS enjoy opportunities to work with alumni in many ways, such as career advisement, professional networking,and mentoring. This is a great way to bring the SAIS experience full-circle. Learn about how to get involved and make a difference to our current students.


At SAIS, we provide the alumni community with services that support our global network. Our goal is to foster the best opportunities available for graduates of our three campuses. We encourage you to explore the wonderful ways to continue the SAIS connection for a lifetime.



Dear Fellow SAIS Alumni,

Welcome back to SAIS! We are a community of over 18,000 strong with alumni residing around the globe and in international centers such as Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, London, Sao Paulo, New York, Boston, San Francisco and in Washington, DC. Alumni from our three locations in Washington, D.C., Bologna, Italy and Nanjing, China stay connected with each other through SAIS-specific clubs and evolving groups and the Johns Hopkins University Alumni Association.

With very best regards,
Margaret H. Frondorf ‘00
Director, SAIS Alumni Relations
Managing Editor, SAIS Magazine






Special Alumni Groups

Overview of SAIS Entrepreneurs

Did you launch a start-up technology company or create an innovative new venture? If so, tell us about it and join the growing list of SAIS entrepreneurs. Our alumni community wants to support you in your thriving business. Click here to see a list of nascent businesses created and launched by SAIS alumni.

Overview of SAIS Women’s Alumni Network

The purpose of the SAIS Women’s Alumni Network (SWAN) is to position SAIS as a leader on the issue of global women's leadership within the international relations community. In order to accomplish this goal, this global network works to identify and equip SAIS leaders with the tools necessary not only to excel in their careers, but to empower women economically around the world. Practically, this means expanding opportunities for the global SAIS community to connect to discuss important foreign policy issues (including the challenges facing women globally), gain the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in international careers, form lasting partnerships, and contribute to women’s leadership through local and global community impact efforts. SWAN consists of hubs in cities around the world (including newly-established major hubs in Washington, D.C., New York and London), publishes quarterly newsletters of its activities and events, and is developing a robust and dynamic online community (visit Facebook and LinkedIn), where members can discuss personal and professional issues that are important to them.

PDF Download: SAIS Women’s Alumni Network (SWAN)

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In order to stay up-to-date on the latest alumni news, support SAIS and learn about new benefits available to alumni, it is important that we have your current contact information.

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