Cristino R. Arroyo

Cristino R. Arroyo, PhD

Associate Director of the International Economics Program
International Economics

Bernstein-Offit 719


  • Philippines
  • Economics
  • Global Financial Crises
  • Globalization
  • International Financial Markets
  • International Monetary Economics
  • World Bank and International Monetary Fund
  • International Finance

Background and Education

Professor Arroyo received the Johns Hopkins SAIS Excellence in Teaching Award in 2003; previously was assistant professor of economics at the University of Florida; consulted for private sector financial corporations, notably FTSE, Standard & Poor's and Ruesch International, Inc.; areas of interest include exchange rates, international monetary economics, international financial markets, particularly stock market indices, and applications of value-at-risk principles to firm and household financial behavior; PhD, economics, Rice University

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Spring 2015