Sara Gelmetti

Sara Gelmetti

Director of the Language Program, SAIS Europe at Bologna

SAIS Europe at Bologna


  • Italian

Background and Education

Coordinator of the Italian Language Program and lecturer of Italian at Stanford Language Center, Stanford University (US); coordinator of the Italian Language Program and lecturer of Italian, Department of French and Italian, University of Wisconsin in Madison (US); language coordinator and instructor of Italian, Department of Italian, Trinity College Dublin (Ireland); Certifications: ACTFL Certified Writing Proficiency Tester and ACTFL Certified Oral Proficiency Tester; Relevant translations from English into Italian: Pilot project of the European Language Portfolio (2001); MA in Foreign Languages and Literature, University of Pavia (Italy); MPhil in Applied Linguistics, Trinity College Dublin (Ireland)

Publications: "Cultivating Presentational Language," in ACTFL, San Diego, CA, U.S., co-author (2009); "From Placement Testing to Exit Testing and Assessments in between," in ACTFL, San Antonio, TX, U.S., co-author (2007)

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Spring 2015