Language Studies Program

Welcome to SAIS

The Language Studies Program offers classes that assist students in successfully meeting the SAIS language graduation requirements. In addition, language classes offer a great opportunity to develop vocabulary and communication skills that are relevant to students’ academic studies and career goals. Please check the section on language requirements to see whether your academic concentration requires a specific language.

We encourage you to join the Language Studies Program. In doing so, you will find that language learning at SAIS is a unique experience. You will benefit from:


  • Small classes with individualized attention
  • Professional, experienced language instructors
  • Content integrated to your academic studies
  • A deeper understanding of the culture of your language of interest
  • Adequate preparation for the SAIS language proficiency exams

You have several languages to choose from in our campuses. We welcome you to explore our courses.



Marco A. Campos, Ph. D.
Language Studies Program

Sara Gelmetti, M.Phil.
Language Studies Program
SAIS Europe