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Home to the oldest university in Europe, Bologna's long tradition of education, cultural heritage and political vitality makes it an attractive location for SAIS' European campus. On the cusp of its 60th anniversary, SAIS Europe is distinguished by strong faculty-student relationships, vigorous debate and a cohesive social and intellectual community. Exposure to contrasting European and U.S. perspectives on global issues offers a distinctive academic pairingmaking for an extraordinarily enriching experience.

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SAIS Europe has an open-door policy for prospective students and encourages vists throughout the academic year when classes are in session. To arrange a visit, contact the Admissions Office at
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Open Day is an opportunity for students to visit the SAIS Europe campus. During the day-long event visitors meet current students and faculty and attend classes. To register for Open Day, please click here
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Academic Catalog
Various seminar series are organized at SAIS Europe throughout the academic year. Seminars are grouped thematically and each one is hosted by a SAIS Europe faculty member. These events bring prominent scholars and practitioners from Europe, the United States and other parts of the world to present current research to the SAIS Europe and local community.
The Bologna Institute for Policy Research (BIPR) is the research division of the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) in Europe. Its purpose is to promote problem-centered, interdisciplinary research in international policy by drawing upon the global network of SAIS faculty, students and scholars.

The work of the BIPR is made available to the public with the goal of providing a pivotal forum for thought and debate in international public policy.

The BIPR employs five student research assistants each semester to manage its event reports program and contribute to the promotion of research conducted by SAIS Europe scholars.

The city of Bologna is steeped in European history coupled with important modern and contemporary political movements. Bologna's history spans three millennia with Etruscan and Villanovan ruins on display throughout the city. But it also looks forward, its economy and lifestyle representing one of highest standards in Europe.

From the main piazza to the remnants of medieval city walls, Bologna's preserved historic center features a system of nearly 40 kilometers of porticoes that shelter its citizens, while a pair of medieval towers still guards the heart of the city.

Bologna boasts a population that is as culturally, economically and politically diverse as any to be found in Europe. An ancient city, whose medieval center is one the largest preserved in Itay, Bologna also offers 21st technology in the form of free wifi access throughout the center, easy and affordable public transportation and an easy-jumping off point to visit the sea, the mountains and other cities or places of interest in Italy and Europe.

Bologna has one of the highest per capita incomes and lowest unemployment rates in Italy, and it consistently ranks in the top 10 European cities for quality of life. Located at the crossroads of Italy's highly developed network of railways and highways, it is an hour's drive from Florence and the Adriatic coast and no more than two or three from Venice, Verona, Milan and Rome. The city's airport is the third largest in Italy, with daily flights served by major European airlines.


For nearly 1000 years, scholars have come from near and far to learn at the University of Bologna, Europe's oldest.Today, Bologna remains a seat of higher learning, not only for the 80,000 students at UniBo, as it is known locally, but also for students in other international programs, preeminent of which is the Johns Hopkins SAIS Bologna Center.

SAIS Europe lies in the heart of the university district, a true city within a city. Cultural, intellectual and social exchanges make it easy for students to interact with a large variety of people from around the world.

SAIS Europe alumni return year after year, not only to visit the center but also the city, their second hometown for that one magical period that so many call the best year of their life. Join us in discovering this remarkable place.









Over 200 students took part in Commencement at SAIS Europe on 16 May 2014.  We congratulate the Class of 2014!