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In support of workforce development, education and training initiatives within HHS and all of its subordinate organizations, HHS has partnered with Johns Hopkins University to offer programs for part-time graduate students. Classes are offered in DC, Baltimore, and Rockville, Maryland. Many programs can be completed online or with a combination of online and on-site classes.


Certificate in International Studies


The certificate offers a broad overview of international relations and allows for a concentration in a series of related courses for those students wishing to specialize. It also offers general training for those wishing to achieve a wider appreciation for international politics. The certificate is offered to non-degree students who successfully complete a series of four courses taken from any of the non-language academic programs. Required course: Theories of International Relations.



Certificate in International Development



The certificate incorporates an interdisciplinary approach to the study of developing countries. It offers an opportunity to conceptualize development problems through social, political, economic and environmental aspects of development. This certificate is offered to non-degree students who successfully complete a series of four courses within the International Development curriculum. Required courses: Comparative National Systems and Introduction to Economic Development.



Non-Degree (General)


Students can enroll in SAIS courses as a Non-Degree student to explore the world of international relations and enhance their topical, theoretical and practical knowledge of global issues. Courses may be taken in any of the academic programs offered at SAIS, including international relations, economics, policy studies, development, conflict management, strategy, regional studies, and more. 



Online Principles of Economics


The SAIS Online Principles of Economics course covers the role of government in creating the proper environment for private markets to work well, and how government can improve outcomes when conditions are less than ideal. Major topics include consumer choice, production decisions, market structures, fiscal and monetary policies, unemployment, inflation, international trade, and exchange rates. Non-Degree students are eligible to apply for the fall and spring offerings of Online Principles of Economics. This course is not offered for credit and will not appear on a SAIS transcript. An official letter of completion will be granted instead.


All eligible HHS employees and contractors will receive a 10% reduction in tuition in the form of a fellowship for fall/spring courses, and a 5% reduction in tuition for summer courses and Online Principles of Economics.

Office of Non-Degree Programs
The Johns Hopkins University
Paul H. Nitze School
of Advanced International Studies
1740 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Room 403
Washington, DC 20036