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Through customized executive seminars and degree programs, Executive Education develops innovative thinkers and problem-solvers, equipped to deal with the challenges of today's rapidly transforming global economy.

The SAIS Persian Program offers a unique learning experience for graduate students in the fields of international relations and/or development. Through interactive and communicative language activities in and beyond the classroom, students are given the opportunity to build, develop, and enhance their Persian skills, while incorporating and/or transferring their knowledge from their other academic courses and academic/professional interests. 

SAIS students have the opportunity to hold on-campus jobs regardless of their nationality or Federal Work Study (FWS) status. More about FWS can be found below.

This page includes several fellowship opportunities provided by SAIS and external organizations. 

Johns Hopkins SAIS offers several kinds of financial aid options, awarded on the basis of need and merit, and provides information and assistance with applying for aid. The financial aid office is based out of our Washington, DC campus. The mission of the Office of Financial Aid is to provides access, aid, and advisory services for the school's Community.

The FPI seeks to advance practically oriented research and discussion about foreign policy. To this end, it organizes research initiatives and study groups, and hosts leaders from around the world as resident or non-resident fellows in fields including international policy, business, journalism, and academia.

The French program provides students with a unique opportunity to engage in learning experiences that reflect authentic and purposeful uses of the language.

This page includes frequently asked questions regarding academic programs, admissions information, visiting SAIS, student profile, financial aid, reapplication, deferrals, and spring admissions, and standardized tests.

The Summer Orientation program includes: an overview of the FLTA program’s goals and practices and a series of sessions providing information and training on skills that will facilitate FLTAs’ adjustment to their assigned school. 

General International Relations allows you to choose from among all of the courses offered in four programs in the overall field of International Relations, in addition to selected other Policy Areas at SAIS.  You may take any course offered in Conflict Management; Global Theory and History; and International Law and Organizations, in addition to courses in Energy, Resources and Environment and Strategic Studies.  General International Relations offers you the largest selection of courses in the school.