Mine Z. Senses

Mine Z. Senses

Associate Professor of International Economics
International Economics

Bernstein-Offit 710


  • Economics
  • Global Financial Crises
  • Globalization
  • International Financial Markets
  • Labor Economics and Outsourcing
  • International Finance
  • International Trade Theory and Policy
  • Multinational Corporations

Background and Education

Mine Z. Senses is an Associate Professor of International Economics in the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University. Her current research focuses on the consequences of globalization on the labor market, with emphasis on quantifying the heterogeneous costs and benefits experienced by different segments of the population. Her research has been published in numerous journals including the Review of Economic Studies, Journal of International Economics, American Economic Review and the Canadian Journal of Economics. She hold a BA from the Middle East Technical University and a PhD from the University of Michigan.


The Effects of Offshoring on the Elasticity Of Labor Demand, Journal of International Economics, Vol 81 (1), May 2010, 89-98. 

Trade, Labor Market Frictions, and Residual Wage Inequality across Worker Groups, joint with P. Krishna and J. Poole, American Economic Review: Papers and Proceedings, 102(3): 417-23.

International Trade and Labor Income Risk in the United States with P. Krishna, Review of Economic Studies, 81(1): 186-218. See research summary at VoxEU.

Wage Effects of Trade Reform with Labor Market Frictions and Endogenous Worker Mobility, with P. Krishna and J. Poole, Journal of International Economics, 93(2): 239-252. See research summary at VoxEU and USApp.

Importing, Exporting and Firm-Level Employment Volatility, with C. J. Kurz, Journal of International Economics 98, January 2016, 160-175. 

The Effects of Wrongful-Discharge Protection on Foreign Multinationals: Evidence from Transaction-Level Data, with I. T. Kandilov, Canadian Journal of Economics 49(1), February 2016.

Trade Shocks and the Provision of Local Public Goods, with L. Feler, forthcoming, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy. See research summary at IZA Newsroom.

Working Papers

All Shook Up: International Trade and Firm-level Volatility, with C. Kurz and A. Zlate (email for latest version).

Labor Market Implications of a Subprime Consumer Credit Boom, with C. Kurz, L. Geng and D. Vine (coming soon).

Work in Progress

Globalization, Human Capital and Labor Income, with P. Krishna and G. Sethupathy.

Public Education and Local Labor Market Conditions, with A. Greenland and J. Lopresti

Higher-Order Income Risk and Trade, with P. Krishna

Trade, Technology and Elasticity of Substitution between Routine and Non-Routine Labor, with P. Morrow.

Trade and Risk in Local Labor Markets, with P. Krishna.

Other Published Writings

Review of "Job Creation and Poverty Reduction in India: Towards Rapid and Sustained Growth" edited by Sadiq Ahmed, Journal of Economic Literature, June 2009, 47(1).

Trade and Labour Income Risk in the US: Evidence from Longitudinal Data, joint with P. Krishna, VoxEU.org, December, 2009.
Trade Adjustment and Labor Income Risk, with P. Krishna, in Hoekman and Porto, eds., Trade Adjustment Costs in Developing Countries:  Impacts, Determinants and Policy Responses, World Bank, 2010.
Wage Effects of Trade Reform with Labour Market Frictions and Endogenous Worker Mobility, joint with P. Krishna and J. Poole, VoxEU.org, December, 2011.

International Trade and Economic Insecurity, IZA World of Labor, May 2017.

Permanent Working Papers

Financing Choices and Investment Behavior of Turkish Firms during Financial Turmoil: A Comparative Analysis of the 1994 and 2001 Crises, mimeo

The Decision to Outsource: How Important are Labor Costs?, mimeo