Matteo Alvisi

Matteo Alvisi

Adjunct Professor of International Economics
International Economics

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Background and Education

Professor of Economics, the University of Bologna. PhD in Economics, Luigi Bocconi University; PhD in Economics, University of California, Los Angeles.

Publications: “"Imperfect Substitutes for Perfect Complements: a Solution to the Tragedy of the Anticommons,"” co-author, in Bulletin of Economic Research (2013); "“Separating Complements: The Effects of Competition and Quality Leadership,"” co-author, in Journal of Economics (2011); "“Complementing Substitutes: Compatibility, Bundling and Entry,"” co-author, in Amsterdam Center for Law & Economics Working Paper Series, (2009); "Concorrenza, Essenzialità e Esternalità di Rete nella Produzione di Beni Complementari: nuove soluzioni alla Tragedia degli Anticommons”," in Rivista Internazionale di Scienze Sociali (2008); "Piracy and Quality Choice in Monopolistic Markets," co-author, in German Working Papers in Law and Economics, (2003); "“Piracy and Product Differentiation in the Market for Digital Goods,"” co-author, in Rivista Italiana degli Economisti (2003); "“Quality Choice, Fixed Costs and Equilibrium in Models of Vertical Differentiation”," in Department of Economics, Working Paper, Università di Bologna (2000); author of numerous papers published in professional journals.

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2015-04-08 00:00:00 
Fall 2018 
Covers theory o...
Covers theory of consumer behavior and demand, theory of the firm and market structures, general equilibrium and resource allocation, theory of income distribution, information theory, game theory and economics of institutions (preterm).