Hanns Maull

Hanns Maull

Adjunct Professor of International Relations
Strategic Studies
Southeast Asia Studies

SAIS Europe


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  • European Union Foreign Policy
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Background and Education

Senior Distinguished Fellow, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik and Senior Policy Fellow for China’s Global Role, Mercator Institute of China Studies (MERICS), Berlin. Professor and Chair of Foreign Policy and International Relations, University of Trier (until March 2013); Former Chairman, Scientific Advisory Board, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, Berlin; Former Deputy Chairman, Scientific Advisory Board of the German Council of Foreign Relations; Senior fellow at the Transatlantic Academy, Washington, DC (2010-2011). Prof. Maull is one of Germany's leading academic foreign policy analysts, working on both German foreign policy and international relations in Asia-Pacific.

Publications: "How Britain and France Could Reform the UN Security Council," with D. Deudney, in Survival (2011); "Global Shift. The Challenges of Energy Interdependence and Climate Change," in Transatlantic Academy Paper Series (2011); "Von Altlasten und Neuanfängen; Internationale Politik," in Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik (September/Oktober 2011); "Global Shift. How the West Should Respond to the Rise of China," in Transatlantic Academy Paper Series (2011); "Europes Vetos Power," in Transatlantic Academy Paper Series (2011); "A Small Power?" in Survival (2011); "Dove va la Germania?" in Il Mulino (2011); "World Politics in Turbulence," in Internationale Politik und Gesellschaft Online (2011); "Libya: A Zombie State," in Transatlantic Academy Paper Series (2011); "Political Turmoil in the Middle East: There are Lessons for Europe," in Transatlantic Academy Paper Series (2011); "China and Europe: The futile quest for a strategic partnership," in Transatlantic Academy Paper Series (2011); "The Euro is here to stay," in Transatlantic Academy Paper Series (2011).

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Fall 2018 
In this course,...
In this course, contemporary security challenges and policy responses in East Asia are analyzed from a variety of different theoretical perspectives. The basic assumption is that only such a multi-facetted approach can help us understand and integrate the broad spectrum of security concerns and the intricate interactions between them, ranging from human security through traditional national security to regional and global security issues, in this highly complex region (defined here as China and its maritime environment in North and South East Asia). And only such a comprehensive understanding of security in East Asia can provide us with useful tools to evaluate national, regional and multilateral policy responses. (Cross listed Strategic Studies/Asian Studies)
Spring 2019 
The purpose of ...
The purpose of the seminar is a) to familiarize students with the scenario methodology as a way to think about uncertain futures, b) to do so by themselves developing scenarios on "The Middle East in 2025," and c) to link the scenario techniques to risk assessment and strategic foresight.
August 8, 2015 
Hanns Maull, Ad...

Hanns Maull, Adjunct Professor of International Relations, was quoted on Vietgiaitri in an article entitled "Tai sao Nga bât ngò lên tiêng phu hoa lâp truông Trung Quôc ò Biên Dông? (in Vietnamese)."

June 3, 2015 
Hanns Maull, Ad...

Hanns Maull, Adjunct Professor of International Relations, was cited in an article published on Frankfurter Allgemeine entitled "Viel beschlossen, wenig passiert? (in German)."