Giulio Ecchia

Giulio Ecchia

Adjunct Professor of International Economics
International Economics

SAIS Europe


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Background and Education

Professor of Economics at the University of Bologna. Dean of the Department of Economics of the University of Bologna, Forlì (2006-2012). PhD, economics, University of Oxford; PhD, economics, Catholic University of Milan.

Publications: “Imprenditorialità ed impresa sociale,” co-author, in Non Profit (2007); “Market Coverage and the Existence of Equilibrium in a Vertically Differentiated Duopoly,” co-author, in The Economics of Vertically Differentiated Markets (2006); Markets, Strategies and Institutions: an Introduction to Microeconomics, co-author (2002); Choice, Markets and Equilibrium, co-author (1996); author of numerous papers published in professional journals.

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Spring 2019 
Investigates th...
Investigates the determinants of national aggregate income, employment, the price level, the balance of international payments and the rate of growth. Evaluates alternative policies for influencing various macroeconomic variables.
February 1, 2017 
Giulio Ecchia, ...

Giulio Ecchia, Adjunct Professor of International Economics, co-edited a new book published by Il Mulino entitled "Le istituzioni non profit in Italia – Dieci anni dopo (in Italian)."