Federico Rossi

Federico Rossi

Vera and Stefano Zamagni Assistant Professor of Development Economics
International Economics

SAIS Europe


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Background and Education

Dr. Rossi was Research Officer, Centre for Macroeconomics at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) (2016-2017); Teaching Fellow, Department of Economics, LSE (2015-2016); Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Economics, LSE (2013-2015); and Research Assistant, Centre for Economic Performance, LSE (2012-2015). He has presented papers at IEA World Congress (Mexico City, 2017), Barcelona GSE Summer Forum (2017), Simposio of the Spanish Economic Association (Bilbao, 2016), the Royal Economic Society Annual Conference (University of Sussex, 2016), Marco Fanno Alumni Workshop (Milan, 2016), Sixth Italian Congress of Econometrics and Empirical Economics (Salerno, 2015), and Applied Economics Workshop (Petralia Sottana, 2014). Rossi completed a PhD in Economics (2017) and received an MRes in Economics (2013) from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE); he received an MSc in Statistics from the University of Bologna (2011).

Parents, Schools and Human Capital Differences across Countries with M. De Philippis (2016); Barriers to College Investment and Aggregate Productivity (2016). His current research is focused on human capital development and economic growth. For a recent curriculum vitae including a full list of publications, see personal webpage.

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