Emanuele Bajo

Emanuele Bajo

Adjunct Professor in International Economics
International Economics

SAIS Europe


  • Corporate Finance
  • Risk Analysis and Modeling
  • Italian

Background and Education

Full Professor of Corporate Finance, University of Bologna; Associate Dean, Bologna Business School; Associate Editor, Journal of Economics and Business; Visiting Researcher, Boston College (2008); Visiting Professor, San Diego State University (2004). PhD, Catholic University of Milan (2000).

Publications: Professor Bajo is author of numerous articles in international journals (Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, among others), and Italian scholarly journals. Professor Bajo has also published two books: Rischi finanziari delle imprese. Politiche di copertura, modelli ed evidenze empiriche (corporate risk management) (2012); Le obbligazioni convertibili (convertible bonds) (2003).

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2015-04-08 00:00:00 
Spring 2019 
Introduces opti...
Introduces options, futures and swaps presented in Corporate Finance. Reviews basics of valuation methods and institutional context in which derivative contracts are traded. Describes use of basic derivative instruments as building blocks to construct more complex positions that increase, decrease or transform exposure to specific financial risks. Focuses on how such combinations of derivatives may be used to implement overall risk-management strategy and introduces techniques to manage financial derivatives portfolios, including value-at-risk and credit mitigation.