Edmund Amann

Edmund Amann

Adjunct Professor, Latin American Studies Program
Latin American Studies
International Development
International Political Economy

SAIS Europe


  • Latin America
  • Economics
  • Portuguese

Background and Education

Adjunct Professor, Latin American Studies Program, SAIS Europe; Professor of Brazilian Studies, Leiden University. Reader in Development Economics, University of Manchester. Consultant at the Inter-American Development Bank; has served as JP Lemann Visiting Professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; was previously a research fellow at St. Antony's College at the University of Oxford; PhD, economics, University of Manchester.

Publications: Innovative Firms in Emerging Market Economies, editor (2012); Regulating Development: Evidence from Africa and Latin America, editor (2007); Economic Crisis and Economic Restructuring in Brazil and South Korea, co-editor (2004); Economic Liberalization and Industrial Performance in Brazil (2000); frequent contributor of papers to professional journals.

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Spring 2019 
This course exa...
This course examines the economics of Latin America in contemporary comparative perspective. Starting with an overview of long term trends in growth and structural transformation, the course moves on to consider the theoretical approaches which economists have adopted to understand development processes in the region. The introductory phase of the course completed, the next three lectures survey the key macroeconomic themes of fiscal policy, monetary policy and the external balance. The difficulties countries in the region have faced in maintaining macroeconomic stability is an important theme of the course and is referred back to again and again in subsequent sessions. An equally important topic, that of poverty and inequality, forms the basis for the next section of the course. The remainder of the course deals with the challenge Latin America now faces as it struggles to compete in the global economy. (Cross listed Latin American Studies/International Development/International Political Economy)