Jonathan Haskett

Jonathan Haskett

Associate Practitioner-in-Residence
Associate Director of the Energy, Resources and Environment Program
Energy, Resources and Environment

1619 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, #431
Washington, DC 20036


  • Agricultural Development
  • Climate Change
  • Food Security

Background and Education

Jonathan Haskett is a climate change scientist whose work focuses on the nexus of land use climate change mitigation, adaptation and poverty reduction in the developing world. His work spans the creation of land use carbon projects, the development of landscape carbon measurement methodologies, and climate change policy at the domestic and international levels. He helped in the development of the long-term acquisition plan for the Landsat-7 satellite while at the University of Maryland. As a Peace Corps volunteer in Ecuador (2002-2005), Dr. Haskett worked with indigenous communities on soil conservation, agroforestry and mapping of the landscape carbon resource. During the period 2007-2011 he worked with the World Wildlife Fund, the World Agroforestry Centre, and other development and conservation organizations. Dr. Haskett holds a PhD and a Masters in soil science from the University of Minnesota and has done post-doctoral research on the effect of climate change on agriculture with USDA-ARS. He received his Bachelors from the University of Chicago.

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Spring 2015