Southern Africa

Action for Southern Africa: Angola Monitor
All Africa News: Angola
Council on Foreign Relations: Angola
Human Rights Watch: Angola
IRIN Humanitarian News: Angola
Relief Web: UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA): Angola
Jornal de Angola (in Portuguese)- The only daily newspaper in Angola
All Africa News: Botswana
Botswana: Official site of the Government
Botswana Central Statistics Office
Botswana Council on Non Governmental Organizations
Botswana Ministry of Health
Community-based Natural Resources Management in Botswana
Council on Foreign Relations: Botswana
Working Group of Indigenous Minorities in Southern Africa
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Malawi - Malawi 
Friends of Malawi
Malawi and the IMF
Malawihere- Current news from Reuters, the U.N.'s IRIN, business news
United Nations, ReliefWeb - Malawi News
All Africa News: Mozambique
Human Rights Watch: Mozambique
Mbendi: Mozambique
Republic of Mozambique and the IMF
UNDP Mozambique
All Africa News: Namibia
Namibia Agricultural Union
Namibia Institute for Democracy
The Namibian- Independent News
Unicef in Namibia
World Bank Group in Namibia
South Africa
IRIN Humanitarian News South Africa
Relief Web South Africa
World Bank Group in South Africa
All Africa News: Swaziland
African Development Bank Group: Swaziland
Official Government Website Swaziland
World Bank Group in Swaziland
All Africa News: Zambia
IRIN Humanitarian News Zambia
UNDP Zambia
All Africa News Zimbabwe
Africa Action Zimbabwe
Global Witness Zimbabwe
UNDP in Zimbabwe