In the News: May 19-June 15

Nike tells Iran’s World Cup team to find other shoes, Dean Vali Nasr in The Washington Post, June 15

Opinion: The long road to a Korean peace, Director of Asia Programs Kent E. Calder in Kyodo News, June 14

Kim and Trump launch nuke talks in reverse, Distinguished Practitioner-in-Residence John McLaughlin in OZY, June 13

The impacts of immigration: Europe vs. America, Professor Emeritus Michael Mandelbaum in The American Interest, June 13

What’s next for the West, Adjunct Lecturer Stephen Szabo in Politico Europe, June 13

Trump tests the gullibility of Republicans, John McLaughlin in The Washington Post, June 13

Korea: ‘A Telling Contrast’, Foreign Policy Institute Herter/Nitze Distinguished Scholar Antony Blinken in The New York Sun, June 12

Mo Salah is the unifying force the world needs right now, Foreign Policy Institute Senior Fellow Afshin Molavi in The Washington Post, June 12

Trump-Kim summit: World scrambles to decipher 'denuclearisation' deal – as it happened, Conflict Management Program Director Daniel Serwer in The Guardian, June 12

Iran warns North Korea not to trust the U.S. over historic summit: ‘Trump might cancel deal before returning home’, Adjunct Professor of Middle East Studies Sanam Vakil in Independent, June 12

North Korea experts watching the summit will breathe a sigh of relief, Associate Research Professor Carla Freeman in Quartz, June 11

Opinion: No news Is bad news — The looming social security crisis, Adjunct Lecturer Jason J. Fichtner in Roll Call, June 11 

Have we reached the point of ‘no exit’ in Canada-US trade war, Director of the Center for Canadian Studies Christopher Sands in The Star, June 11

Trump turns up the heat on Kim while lowering expectations for a deal, Vali Nasr in NBC News, June 11

The best model for a Nuclear deal with North Korea, Antony Blinken in The New York Times, June 11

Association without executive powers, Daniel Serwer in Gazeta Express, June 11

Moscow not Belgrade deciding on Kosovo’s UN seat, Daniel Serwer in RTK Live, June 11

Trump’s beef with Canadian milk, Christopher Sands in The Atlantic, June 11

U.S.-Canada Trade feud escalates after fraught G-7 summit, Daniel Serwer in the Wall Street Journal, June 10

Trump starting race to the bottom on trade, Antony Blinken in CNN, June 10

China’s master plan: A global military threat, Distinguished Professor of the Henry A. Kissinger Center for Global Affairs Hal Brands in Bloomberg, June 10

In World Cup Politics, It’s Moscow 1, London 0, Adjunct Lecturer of European and Eurasian Studies Matthew Rojansky in Bloomberg, June 8 

What keeps Recep Tayyip Erdogan in power?, Assistant Professor of International Relations and European Studies Lisel Hintz in Aljazeera, June 8 

Trump’s trade disaster, Assistant Professor of International Relations and European Studies Anne Krueger in Project Syndicate, June 8

Experts: 2018 NAFTA deal odds dwindle but not impossible, Christopher Sands in MNI, June 8

Sanctions, trade and the DPRK: Afshin Molavi discusses global tension, Afshin Molavi in CGTN America, June 7

Youth discuss education needs, facing roots of extremism, Visiting Assistant Professor of Conflict Management Sinisa Vukovic in IISD, June 7 

GOP report: Obama admin worked to allow Iran to exchange billions to bypass sanctions, Distinguished Practitioner-in-Residence Adam Szubin in CNN, June 7

Will Iran agree to be kept away from the Golan Border in Syria?, Sanam Vakil in Carnegie MEC, June 7

North Korea talks: Déjà vu all over again, John McLaughlin in OZY, June 6

Will Trump Cement the China-Russia Alliance?, Visiting Scholar Dai Weilai in The Diplomat, June 6

Italy accuses the ECB of political interference — but the experts are unconvinced, Director of European and Eurasian Studies Erik Jones in CNBC, June 5

The Marshall Plan taught lessons Trump refuses to learn, Hal Brands in Bloomberg, June 5

Ottawa rejects U.S. idea of seeking separate trade deals with Canada, Mexico, Christopher Sands in The Globe and Mail, June 5

Chinese investment boosts Africa’s sustainable development: Expert, Visiting Scholar Liu Qinghai in People’s Daily, June 4

China embraces opportunity to be a partner in Africa's development, The China-Africa Research Initiative in China Plus, June 4

Pakistan reflects on nuclear achievement in run up to election, Global Policy Program Director Daniel Markey in The Cipher Brief, June 4

Is Dubai a model for economic diversification in the Persian Gulf?, Afshin Molavi in CNN, June 4 

Trump tariffs threaten to torpedo NAFTA, Director of Canadian Studies Charles Doran in The Hill, June 3

A bad day for world trade threatens to return the US to the disastrous protectionism of the 1930s, Senior Fellow of American Foreign Policy David Rothkopf in The National, June 3

Outlook for investment confidence not yet clear from the top of Trans Mountain, Christopher Sands in CBC, June 3

Monumental mistake to pull US troops from South Korea, Hal Brands in Gulf News, June 2

Power couple: The Canada and US energy relationship, Christopher Sands in CSIS, June 1

The Paris agreement’s emissions goals may be in trouble, with or without U.S. participation, Energy, Resources and Environment Program Director Johannes Urpelainen in The Washington Post, June 1 

Signs of sophisticated cellphone spying found near White House, U.S. officials say, Professor of Strategic Studies Thomas Rid in The Washington Post, June 1

Trump’s art of the deal won’t help him out-negotiate China, Foreign Policy Institute Senior Fellow Harry Broadman in Gulf News, May 31

U.S. Pacific Command renamed U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, Associate Professor of the Practice of South Asia Studies Joshua White in The Hindu, May 31

State-building without the State: Getting beyond “chicken and egg” in Somalia, Assistant Professor of International Development Dan Honig in OECD Development Matters, May 30 

Disclose bribes to foreign Governments disguised as Corporate Social Responsibility investments?, Harry Broadman in Forbes, May 30 

How many U.S. troops are in Korea? Maybe too many, Hal Brands in Bloomberg, May 30

How democracies can defend against disinformation, Adjunct Lecturer Alina Polyakova in War on the Rocks, May 30

Former deputy director of Central Intelligence talks about caring for families of CIA’s fallen, John McLaughlin in CBS News, May 30 
Trump should listen to intelligence veterans’ sound advice on North Korea, John McLaughlin in The Washington Post, May 29

Italy’s real euro referendum, Erik Jones in Politico, May 29

Is the show over, or just at intermission for Trump-Kim summit?, John McLaughlin in OZY, May 27

Trump’s cancelled North Korea summit sums up his chaotic foreign policy, Vali Nasr in The Washington Post, May 25

Could the US fight dual wars in North Korea and Iran? After diplomacy breaks down, questions looms, Associate Director, Strategic Studies Program Mara Karlin in The Washington Post, May 25

How the West was saved, Michael Mandelbaum in The American Interest, May 25

Scrapping the Iran deal and North Korea summit harms U.S. credibility, Vali Nasr in Axios, May 25

Chinese investment and loans in Africa give priority to infrastructure, Liu Qinghai in CGTN America, May 25

Christopher Sands - Why Canada should resist a skinny NAFTA 2.0, Christopher Sands in C.D. HOWE, May 25

A trade war with Europe would be calamitous for Maryland, Center for Transatlantic Relations Program Coordinator Jason C. Moyer in the Washington Post, May 25

The North Korea summit was a Trumpian fantasy from the get-go, John McLaughlin in The New Yorker, May 24

House Intel division: ‘Nunes is just not going to stop’, John McLaughlin in MSNBC, May 24

Pakistan to give equal rights to millions in tribal areas, ending a British legacy, Joshua White in The New York Times, May 24

Improving South Korea's civil defense will boost Trump's summit leverage, Senior Fellow Edward Joseph and Jason Moyer in the National Interest, May 23 

Italy awaits president's decision on new PM for eurosceptic government, Senior Adjunct Professor of European and Eurasian Studies Gianfranco Pasquino in Yahoo News, May 23 

Law, justice and procedure are all being eroded, John McLaughlin in NBC News, May 22

Giuliani’s new stance on Russian collusion: So what? It’s not illegal, John McLaughlin in Huffington Post, May 22

Pakistan's perilous state - the roots lie deeper, Adjunct Assistant Professor Madiha Afzal in South Asia Monitor, May 22 

Trial exposes connections between cybercriminals and Russian government, Thomas Rid in The Washington Post, May 21

We are witnessing the death throes of the US as the dominant power of the free world, David Rothkopf in The National, May 21

Trump’s new, confrontational Foreign Policy and the end of the Iran deal, Vali Nasr in The New Yorker, May 21

China and US agreeing to avoid trade war, Postdoctoral Fellow Benjamin Creutzfeldt on CGTN America, May 21 

The Transatlantic alliance vital for progress in the western Balkans, Foreign Policy Institute Fellow Majda Rude in Oslobodjenje, May 21 

U.S. report warns about China's 'debt book diplomacy', Director of China Studies David M. Lampton in ANI, May 20 

U.S. Wants to Restart Nuclear Talks With Iran, but Hasn’t Budged on Demands, Vali Nasr in The New York Times, May 18