In The News, May 15 - June 1, 2017


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‘In the News’ is a roundup of recent media coverage featuring the Johns Hopkins SAIS community and is produced and distributed by the Office of Marketing, Communications, and Strategic Initiatives.

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May 15 – June 1, 2017

Director of the Latin American Studies Program Riordan Roett discussed U.S.-Cuba engagement under the Trump administration. Sputnik News 6/1/2017

Center for Transatlantic Relations Senior Fellow Federiga Bindi commented on transatlantic relations between the U.S. and EU. Carnegie Europe 5/31/2017

Center for Transatlantic Relations Non-Resident Fellow Taras Kuzio wrote about NATO’s integration standards for Montenegro and Ukraine. Atlantic Council’s UkraineAlert 5/31/2017 

Dean Vali Nasr is cited on U.S. President Donald Trump’s first foreign trip and its impact on transatlantic relations. Foreign Policy 5/30/2017

Foreign Policy Institute Senior Fellow and emerge85 Co-director Afshin Molavi discussed the Trump administration's handling of the Russia probe and media coverage. CGTN’s The Heat 5/30/2017

Energy, Resources and Environment Professorial Lecturer Fred Stolle wrote about opportunities to protect and restore the world’s dryland forests. Japan Today 5/30/2017

Henry A. Kissinger Distinguished Professor of Global Affairs Hal Brands wrote about America's serial amnesia of global instability. Foreign Policy 5/29/2017  

Director of Strategic Studies Eliot A. Cohen wrote about U.S. President Trump’s first foreign trip. The Atlantic 5/28/2017

Eliot A. Cohen is cited on communication between a presidential transition team and foreign diplomats. Business Insider 5/28/2017

Hal Brands discussed U.S. President Trump’s trips to the Middle East and NATO summit. Bloomberg View 5/27/2017

Distinguished Practitioner-in-Residence John McLaughlin discussed allegations of ties between a White House advisor and Russian officials. MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell 5/26/2017  

John McLaughlin discussed the former CIA director’s testimony before a House committee on intelligence. OZY 5/25/2017

Korea Studies Lecturer Eunjung Lim wrote about new presidential leadership in the U.S. and South Korea. The Cipher Brief 5/25/2017

Professor of International Law and Diplomacy Ruth Wedgwood is cited on the importance of diplomacy and treaty agreements. The Diplomat 5/24/2017

Taras Kuzio wrote about U.S. policies and actions toward Russia. Newsweek 5/24/2017

Practitioner in Residence of International Economics and Emerging Markets Monica de Bolle commented on the consequences of Brazil’s recession. Business Insider 5/24/2017

Adjunct Professor of European Studies David Kanin commented on Europe’s history of unsettled borders and statehood for the Balkan nations. The Cipher Brief 5/24/2017

Professorial Lecturer in Conflict Management Edward P. Joseph wrote about the political crisis in Macedonia. Foreign Affairs 5/23/2017

Center for Transatlantic Relations Managing Director Andras Simonyi wrote about the West’s political transition and its importance to Europe. The Hill 5/23/2017

Professor Emeritus of American Foreign Policy Michael Mandelbaum wrote about relations between U.S. President Trump and NATO leaders. Project Syndicate 5/23/2017

Ruth Wedgwood discussed a physical altercation between the Turkish president’s entourage and protesters outside a D.C. embassy. WAMU 88.5’s The Kojo Nnamdi Show 5/23/2017

Conflict Management Program Director Daniel Serwer is cited on the consequences of U.S. President Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia. Lawfare 5/23/2017

Center for Canadian Studies Director Christopher Sands wrote about Canadian diplomacy to secure new markets for energy exports. Energy 5/23/2017

John McLaughlin discussed the rhetoric and meaning of the former CIA director’s testimony before a House committee on intelligence. MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell 5/23/2017  

Dean Vali Nasr wrote about Iranian President Hassan Rouhani winning a second term, and the implications for the region and U.S. The Atlantic 5/22/2017

Dean Vali Nasr discussed the future of the Iran nuclear deal and U.S. policies toward the Middle East. NPR’s All Things Considered 5/22/2017

Ruth Wedgwood discussed diplomatic immunity following a physical altercation between the Turkish president’s entourage and protesters. Bloomberg 5/22/2017

Dean Vali Nasr is cited on rhetoric about Iran and turmoil in the Middle East. The Nation 5/22/2017

Energy, Resources and Environment Professorial Lecturer Douglas Hengel wrote about potential U.S. sanctions on Russia. The Hill 5/22/2017

Dean Vali Nasr discussed U.S. President Trump’s remarks in Saudi Arabia. CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS 5/21/2017

Dean Vali Nasr discussed reactions to the U.S. president’s speech in the Middle East. CNN’s Reliable Sources 5/21/2017

Center for Transatlantic Relations Fellow Christina Lin wrote about Chinese Uyghur jihadi colonies in Syria. Asia Times 5/21/2017

Afshin Molavi wrote about the potential benefits of a Middle East infrastructure investment bank. Arab News 5/20/2017

Director of European and Eurasian Studies Erik Jones discussed the disclosure of business relations between the U.S. president and Russian executives. CNBC 5/19/2017

Assistant Professor of Energy, Resources, and Environment Jonas Nahm commented on U.S.-China collaboration in the solar sector. The Christian Science Monitor 5/19/2017

U.S.-Korea Institute Visiting Scholar Michael Madden commented on North Korean cyberwar units and hacking groups. The Associated Press 5/19/2017

Afshin Molavi discussed Iran’s elections, nuclear deal, and economic future. CGTN America 5/19/2017

Middle East Studies Adjunct Professor Jean-François Seznec wrote about the maritime border dispute between Lebanon and Israel. Atlantic Council’s New Atlanticist 5/19/2017

Foreign Policy Institute Herter/Nitze Distinguished Scholar Antony Blinken discussed the ramifications of the U.S. president possibly disclosing classified information with the Russians. CNN 5/18/2017

Daniel Serwer commented on Syrian peace negotiations and turning the focus to conditions of detainees held by the Assad regime. Voice of America 5/18/2017

John McLaughlin discussed Russia benefiting from challenges in the Trump presidency. MSNBC’s For The Record with Greta 5/18/2017  

Adjunct Professor of Middle East Studies Sanam Vakil commented on priorities for voters in the Iranian elections. NBC News 5/17/2017

Distinguished Scholar at the Henry A. Kissinger Center for Global Affairs and Foreign Policy Institute Senior Fellow John Lipsky discussed encouraging signs of economic strengthBloomberg 5/17/2017

Director of the Foreign Policy Institute and Associate Director of China Studies Carla Freeman commented on China’s preparedness for a potential North Korean refugee crisis. Quartz 5/17/2017

John McLaughlin discussed the U.S. president potentially sharing classified information with Russian leaders. OZY 5/17/2017

Sanam Vakil commented on the consequences of President Hassan Rouhani winning the presidential elections in Iran. Voice of America 5/16/2017

Center for Transatlantic Relations Senior Fellow Donald N. Jensen is cited on Russian propaganda. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty 5/17/2017

Christopher Sands discussed U.S. President Trump's push for NAFTA renegotiation and Canada’s role in the discussions. BNN 5/17/2017

Center for Transatlantic Relations Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation Fellow Vladislav Inozemtsev wrote about the history of Russia’s relationship with the West. Project Syndicate 5/17/2017

Roger Hertog Distinguished Practitioner-in-Residence Eric Edelman commented on classified intelligence allegedly revealed to the Russians by U.S. President Trump. The Wall Street Journal 5/16/2017

Associate Professor of the Practice of South Asia Studies Joshua White commented on Pakistan-U.S. ties. The Wall Street Journal 5/16/2017

U.S.-Korea Institute Senior Fellow Joel Wit commented on Chinese intervention to de-escalate North Korea’s nuclear programs. Politico 5/16/2017

Eliot A. Cohen commented on the presidential daily intelligence briefings and the categories of high-level leaks from the White House. The Huffington Post 5/16/2017

Sanam Vakil commented on potential outcomes of the Iranian elections. Voice of America 5/16/2017

Eliot A. Cohen is cited on the allegations of U.S. President Trump sharing classified information with the Russian foreign minister. Business Insider 5/16/2017

Hal Brands wrote about challenges to American internationalism under the Trump administration. War on the Rocks 5/16/2017

U.S.-Korea Institute Assistant Director Jenny Town commented on North Korea’s development of an intercontinental ballistic missile. CNBC 5/15/2017

The U.S.-Korea Institute is cited on North Korea’s latest test of an intercontinental ballistic missile. The New York Times 5/15/2017

Professorial Lecturer of International Law and Organizations Daniel Magraw is cited on a law that sets a precedent for protecting individual rights. National Magazine 5/15/2017

The U.S.-Korea Institute said a North Korea missile could reach as far as Guam, near a U.S. air force base. CNN 5/15/2017