In the News: March 8–March 22, 2019



‘In the News’ is a roundup of recent media coverage featuring the Johns Hopkins SAIS community and is produced and distributed by the Office of Marketing, Communications, and Strategic Initiatives.

March 8–March 22, 2019



Why America can't quit the Middle East. Henry A. Kissinger Distinguished Professor of the Henry A. Kissinger Center for Global Affairs Hal Brands wrote in Hoover Institution The Caravan, 3/21

How will retirement saving change by 2050? Prospects for the millennial generation. Senior Lecturer of International Economics Jason Fichtner wrote for Brookings Institute, 3/21

Brexit woes: UK scrambles for extension at EU summit. Director of European and Eurasian Studies Erik Jones interviewed on War on the Rocks Warcast, 3/21

Brexit will damage UK’s economy, stature and future. Foreign Policy Institute Senior Fellow Afshin Molavi wrote in Arab News, 3/21

The transatlantic economy 2019. Foreign Policy Institute Senior Fellow Daniel Hamilton wrote for U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 3/20

A power line to every home: India closes in on universal electrification. Director and Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Professor of Energy, Resources and Environment Johannes Urpelainen quoted in IEEE Spectrum, 3/20

Loyalty and dissent: Getting flag officers to hear the truth. Visiting Professors of Strategic Studies David Barno and Nora Bensahel wrote in War on the Rocks. 3/19

Tying the knot: An interdisciplinary approach to understanding the human right to adequate nutrition. Bloomberg Distinguished Associate Professor of Ethics & Global Food and Agriculture Jessica Fanzo wrote for Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment, 3/18

'Same rhetoric': Bolsonaro's U.S. visit to showcase populist alliance with Trump. Riordan Roett Chair and Director of Latin American Studies Monica de Bolle quoted in The Guardian, 3/19

'Trump of the Tropics': Five things you should know about the Brazilian president's visit with TrumpMonica de Bolle quoted in USA Today, 3/19

Trump sees ‘North-South axis’ of power in budding relationship with Brazil. Adjunct Lecturer of Latin American Studies Benjamin N. Gedan quoted in Miami Herald, 3/19

Turkish president stokes anti-Western rhetoric over New Zealand killings. Assistant Professor of International Relations and European Studies Lisel Hintz quoted on Voice of America, 3/19

Protein of the futureJessica Fanzo quoted in Johns Hopkins HUB, 3/18

Ever tighter union? Brexit, Grexit, and frustrated differentiation in the single market and Eurozone. Assistant Professor of International Political Economy Matthias Matthijs wrote in Comparative European Politics, 3/18

New EU industrial policy can only succeed with focus on completion of single market and public procurement. Adjunct Professor of Energy, Resources and Environment Simone Tagliapietra wrote in Bruegel, 3/18

With Putin’s signature, ‘fake news’ bill becomes law. Adjunct Lecturer of European and Eurasian Studies Matthew Rojansky quoted in The Washington Post, 3/18

Russia criminalizes the spread of online news which ‘Disrespects’ the governmentMatthew Rojansky quoted on NPR, 3/18

Putin signs bills outlawing 'fake news'Matthew Rojanksy cited in The Hill, 3/18

Progressives should learn to love the Pentagon budgetHal Brands wrote in Bloomberg Opinion, 3/17

India, Pakistan threatened to unleash missiles at each other. Associate Professor of the Practice of South Asia Studies Joshua White quoted in Reuters, 3/17

The lessons to take from the Christchurch mosque terrorist atrocity. Foreign Policy Institute Senior Fellow Hafed Al-Ghwell wrote in Arab News, 3/16

Maple moon rising: A gateway to better Canada-U.S. relations? Director of the Center for Canadian Studies Christopher Sands wrote for Institute for Research on Public Policy Policy Options, 3/15

Why the SNC-Lavalin scandal is such a blow for Canada’s TrudeauChristopher Sands interviewed for World Politics Review, 3/15

The dangers of extending BrexitErik Jones wrote for International Institute for Strategic Studies The Survival Editors’ Blog, 3/14

Is Brazil’s pension reform likely to get through CongressMonica de Bolle interviewed in Latin America Advisor, 3/14

Distrust between U.S. and Russia puts arms control at risk. Distinguished Practitioner-in-Residence at the Philip Merrill Center for Strategic Studies John McLaughlin wrote in OZY, 3/14

In rare move, Iraq’s Grand Ayatollah Sistani receives Rouhani. Dean Vali Nasr cited on Radio Farda, 3/14

America in declineVali Nasr interviewed on TRT World Bigger than Five, 3/13

A direct assault on U.S. democracy: The fight over tax policy. Bologna Institute for Policy Research Associate Fellow Marcus Walsh-Führing wrote in Prague Post, 3/13

Making allies pay more for troops will cost the U.S. dearlyHal Brands wrote in Bloomberg Opinion, 3/12

How to lose friends and impoverish people. Senior Research Professor of International Economics Anne O. Krueger wrote in Project Syndicate, 3/12

Russian spies buy congressional directories to hunt down targets. Professor of Strategic Studies Thomas Rid quoted in Yahoo News, 3/12

The convincing call from Central Europe: Let us into NATO. Marie-Josée and Henry R. Kravis Distinguished Professor of Historical Studies Mary Elise Sarotte wrote in Foreign Affairs, 3/12

U.S. policy on Tibet. Speyer Family Foundation Distinguished Scholar Sarah Sewall interviewed on PRI The World, 3/11

France takes the lead in a digital tax to regulate its domestic marketMarcus Walsh-Führing wrote E!Sharp, 3/11

SNC-Lavalin corruption crisis takes shine off Justin TrudeauChristopher Sands quoted in The Sunday Times, 3/10

All we know for sure about the 2020 U.S. election is that we can’t be sure of anythingHafed Al-Ghwell wrote in Arab News, 3/9

Venezuela blackout caused by 'U.S. attack', defence minister claimsBenjamin N. Gedan quoted in The Guardian, 3/8

“This Blessed Plot” shines light on Brexit. Global Theory and History Lecturer Michael D. Mosettig wrote for The European Institute, 3/8