In the News: June 15-30, 2018

Trump's travel ban: a political play to the president's base? Foreign Policy Institute Senior Fellow Afshin Molavi on The Heat, CGTV, 6/28
Military superiority: More than meets the eye, Associate Director of Strategic Studies Mara Karlin in War on the Rocks, 6/28
The Real Problem With ‘Mexico’s Trump’, Henry A. Kissinger Center for Global Affairs Distinguished Professor Hal Brands in Bloomberg, 6/28
Why U.S. elections are so vulnerable to Russian hacking, Distinguished Practitioner-in-Residence John McLaughlin in OZY, 6/28
Bill Gates: 'I hope countries will compete in generosity', Senior Advisor of International Development
Cinnamon Dornsife and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Global Health Policy Jeremy Shiffman in the Johns Hopkins HUB, 6/27
What a political alliance between two Iraq War-era militia leaders means for the U.S., Dean Vali Nasr on PBS Frontline, 6/27
U.S. Supreme Court upholds Trump's travel ban, Afshin Molavi on The Heat, CGTV, 6/27
Policy Roundtable: The pursuit of military superiority, Mara Karlin in Texas National Security Review, 6/26
Second time's the charm for rocky Argentina-IMF relationship, Director of the Latin American Studies Program Monica de Bolle in The Hill, 6/26
Maybe trade wars aren’t so easy to win after all, Monica de Bolle in The Huffington Post, 6/26
Erdogan’s enablers, Philip Merrill Center for Strategic Studies Distinguished Practitioner-in-Residence Eric Edelman in Bloomberg Opinion, 6/26
Turkey takes a big step toward nationalist fascism, Adjunct Professor of Middle East Studies Omer Taspinar in The Washington Post, 6/25
Why academics cannot be reduced to summary statistics, Professor of International Studies and Political Science Adria Lawrence in The Washington Post, 6/26
How this trade war could backfire — in China’s favor, Assistant Professor of Political Economy Ling Chen in The Washington Post, 6/25
US VP to focus on Venezuela in 3rd trip to Latin America, Monica de Bolle in Merced-Sun Star, 6/25
Confederation Centre of the Arts announces recipient of the 2018 Symons Medal, Distinguished Scholar at the Henry A. Kissinger Center for Global Affairs Margaret MacMillen in Money News, 6/25
Trade war fears intensify as U.S. prepares measures against China, Ling Chen in MediaPost, 6/25
Elections Without Money Impractical, Asia Programs Director Devesh Kapur in Carnegie Endowment blog, 6/24
Separating families was a blunder on a global scale, Hal Brands in Bloomberg Opinion, 6/22
Before you help a fragile state’s military, ask these uncomfortable questions, Mara Karlin in Defense One, 6/21
China’s master plan: A worldwide web of institutions, Hal Brands in Bloomberg Opinion, 6/16
Nike tells Iran’s World Cup team to find other shoes, Vali Nasr in The Washington Post, 6/15
Alexis Tsipras deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, Edward P. Joseph in Foreign Policy, 6/15
Every village has electricity, says government, Director of the Energy, Resources and Environment Program Johannes Urpelainen in Gas & Electricity, 6/15