In the News: February 8–February 21, 2019

‘In the News’ is a roundup of recent media coverage featuring the Johns Hopkins SAIS community and is produced and distributed by the Office of Marketing, Communications, and Strategic Initiatives.

February 8–February 21, 2019


Venezuela’s failed socialist policies could make market reforms easier. Riordan Roett Chair of Latin American Studies and Director of Emerging Markets Specialization Monica de Bolle quoted in Voice of America, 2/20

Doing evil to do good in Latin America. Henry A. Kissinger Distinguished Professor of the Henry A. Kissinger Center for Global Affairs Hal Brands wrote in Bloomberg Opinion, 2/20

Is Congress likely to approve the USMCA this year? Director of the Center for Canadian Studies Christopher Sands interviewed in Latin America Advisor, 2/20

Analysts flag shutdown, election, 232 concerns as possible roadblocks to USMCA approvalChristopher Sands cited on, 2/20

After the responsible stakeholder, what? Debating America’s China strategyHal Brands wrote for Texas National Security Review, 2/19

Crisis mode on for Jair Bolsonaro. Associate Professor of International Economics Filipe Campante interviewed on The Brazilian Report Explaining Brazil podcast, 2/19 

In praise of regime change. Professor Emeritus of American Foreign Policy Michael Mandelbaum wrote in Commentary, 2/19

Whistleblower revelations on Michael Flynn. Distinguished Practitioner-in-Residence at the Philip Merrill Center for Strategic Studies John McLaughlin interviewed on MSNBC, 2/19

Former Deputy CIA Director John McLaughlin weighs in on McCabe's claimsJohn McLaughlin interviewed on NPR All Things Considered, 2/19

Kosova sot. Director of Conflict Management and Acting Director of American Foreign Policy Daniel Serwer quoted on FOCUS Information Agency, 2/19

Africa's debt crises not the fault of creditors aloneSAIS-CARI cited on, 2/18

New Zealand - peacemakers of the Pacific? Assistant Professor of International Relations Nina Hall interviewed on Radio New Zealand Nights podcast, 2/18

Pulwama explosives obtained locally, says Indian commander. Associate Professor of the Practice of South Asia Studies Joshua White quoted in Dawn, 2/17

Middle East peace remains elusive after Warsaw summit. Foreign Policy Institute Senior Fellow Hafed Al-Ghwell wrote in Arab News, 2/16

Brazil’s Bolsonaro plays catch up with his cabinetMonica de Bolle quoted in Bloomberg, 2/15

China is upping its aid and development game. How should the U.S. respond? Bernard L. Schwartz Professor of Political Economy and Director of the China Africa Research Initiative Deborah Brautigam wrote in ChinaFile, 2/15

Hawaiian Electric Industries reports 2018 results, increases dividend and nominates new directors. Associate Practitioner in Residence in the Energy, Resources and Environment Program Celeste Connors cited in Money (Canada), 2/15

FOLU Champions. Bloomberg Distinguished Associate Professor of Ethics & Global Food and Agriculture Jessica Fanzo interviewed in Food and Land Use Coalition blog, 2/15

What next for Venezuela? Senior Research Professor of International Economics Anne O. Krueger wrote in Project Syndicate, 2/15

Gendered contests: PTCIJ, John Hopkins University partner on women in competitive electionsSAIS and Visiting Research Associate and Adjunct Lecturer of African Studies Chiedo Nwankwor cited in Premium Times Nigeria, 2/15

Import tariff threatens Kosovo’s most important allianceDaniel Serwer quoted in Prishtina Insight, 2/15

Are Russia and China getting closer? U.S. spy chiefs think soHal Brands wrote in Bloomberg Opinion, 2/14

Current trade policies not good for American consumersAnne O. Krueger quoted in The Eagle, 2/14

Venezuela: Another black eye for Chinese economic diplomacy. Adjunct Lecturer of Latin American Studies Benjamin N. Gedan quoted in Agence France-Presse, 2/14

The perspective changer. Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Global Health Policy Jeremy Shiffman interviewed in Hopkins Bloomberg Public Health Magazine, 2/14

China should clear air on aid to AfricaSAIS-CARI cited in Global Times, 2/13

Barno and Bensahel mythbusters. Visiting Professors of Strategic Studies David Barno and Nora Bensahel cited in Washington Examiner, 2/13

Inhofe casts doubt on Shanahan’s nominationDavid Barno quoted in Politico Morning Defense, 2/13

Trump and Colombian president huddle on how to get aid to VenezuelansBenjamin N. Gedan quoted in Miami Herald, 2/13

A preponderance of stability: Henry Kissinger’s concern over the dynamics of Ostpolitik. Foreign Policy Institute Post-Doctoral Fellow Stephan Kieninger wrote in Spriger Link, 2/13

Brussels and Washington need clarity from Tymoshenko. Center for Transatlantic Relations Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation Fellow Taras Kuzio wrote in EUobserver, 2/13

House Democrats, Republicans cross swords over election security bill today. Professor of Strategic Studies Thomas Rid quoted in Politico Morning Security, 2/13

Debunking the myths of the war in AfghanistanDavid Barno and Nora Bensahel wrote in War on the Rocks, 2/12

The blob and the hell of good intentionsHal Brands quoted in The American Conservative, 2/12

The new containmentMichael Mandelbaum wrote in Foreign Affairs, 2/12

Pakistan set to secure funding from Saudi Arabia and the IMFVali Nasr quoted in Financial Times, 2/12

Iran’s other generation gap, 40 years on. Assistant Professor of Middle East Studies Narges Bajoghli wrote in Foreign Affairs, 2/11

Italy could be about to challenge Trump over NATO spending. Director of European and Eurasian Studies Erik Jones quoted on CNBC, 2/11

Building militaries in fragile states: Challenges for the United States. Acting Director of Strategic Studies and Executive Director of the Philip Merrill Center for Strategic Studies Mara Karlin’s book reviewed in Political Science Quarterly, 2/11

As the threat of ISIS recedes, Iraq looks to its neighbors to spur a recovery. Foreign Policy Institute Fellow Randa Slim interviewed in World Politics Review, 2/11

Iran's revolutionaries, masters of chaos and crisis, mark 40 years of the Islamic Republic. James Anderson Adjunct Professor of Middle East Studies Sanam Vakil quoted in The Independent, 2/11

China's infrastructure development is a "win-winism". Professor Emeritus of China Studies David Lampton interviewed in Xinhua, 2/11

South America is a battlefield in the new Cold WarHal Brands wrote in Bloomberg Opinion, 2/10

Venezuela's Maduro is doomed? They said that about Syria's AssadVali Nasr quoted in Bloomberg, 2/10

How does Trump's exit from the TPP influence China? Vice Dean for Faculty Affairs and International Research Cooperation and Director of the Edwin O. Reischauer Center for East Asian Studies Kent E. Calder interviewed on EBL News The Point podcast, 2/9

The week ahead in education politics: Congress eyes crumbling buildings, new insights on STEM education, striking teachers & more. Robert E. Osgood Professor of Strategic Studies Eliot A. Cohen cited in The 74, 2/9

It's time to worry about where our food comes fromHafed Al-Ghwell wrote in Arab News, 2/9

China is playing next-generation leapfrog with the WestMara Karlin quoted in Axios, 2/9

JS Bank hosts session with Prof Vali NasrVali Nasr and Foreign Policy Institute Fellow Shamila Chaudhary highlighted in The International News, 2/9

Where is China’s foreign policy headed? Executive Director of the Foreign Policy Institute Carla Freeman wrote in ChinaFile, 2/8

1 big thing: China's second-mover leapfrogMara Karlin quoted in Axios, 2/8