In the News: December 20, 2018–January 10, 2019

‘In the News’ is a roundup of recent media coverage featuring the Johns Hopkins SAIS community and is produced and distributed by the Office of Marketing, Communications, and Strategic Initiatives.

December 20, 2018–January 10, 2019

Can Britain measure up without the EU? Henry A. Kissinger Center for Global Affairs Wilson E. Schmidt Distinguished Professor Christopher Hill quoted in Bloomberg Businessweek, 1/10

South Korea's rail dreams face harsh realities. Vice Dean for Faculty Affairs and International Research Cooperation and Director of the Edwin O. Reischauer Center for East Asian Studies Kent E. Calder quoted in Nikkei Asian Review, 1/9

How is China securing its LNG needs? Adjunct Lecturer of Energy, Resources and Environment Nikos Tsafos wrote for Center for Strategic & International Studies, 1/9

Rethinking the bomb: Nuclear weapons and American grand strategy.  Henry A. Kissinger Center for Global Affairs Director Francis J. Gavin wrote in Texas National Security Review, 1/8

I gave a bounty hunter $300. Then he located our phone. Professor of Strategic Studies Thomas Rid quoted in Motherboard, 1/8

Europe’s auto industry and the global electric vehicle revolution. Adjunct Professor of Energy, Resources and Environment Simone Tagliapietra interviewed on Bruegel Deep Focus podcast, 1/8

Unpacking the USMCA for congressional approval in 2019. Director of the Center for Canadian Studies Christopher Sands wrote for Center for Strategic & International Studies, 1/8

Maduro’s inauguration sets the stage to further isolate Venezuela’s regime. Adjunct Lecturer of Latin American Studies Benjamin N. Gedan wrote in The Washington Post, 1/7

Who will save Brazil’s democracy if Jair Bolsonaro tries to destroy itBenjamin N. Gedan wrote in the Miami Herald, 1/7

‘No different from my original statements’: Trump denies changes to Syria exit plan. Acting Director of Strategic Studies and Executive Director of the Philip Merrill Center for Strategic Studies Mara Karlin interviewed in The Washington Post, 1/7

What explains the contemporary geographic distribution of Islam? Adjunct Professor of International Economics Alireza Naghavi wrote in LSE Business Review blog. 1/7

Both the natural and social sciences are needed to support the energy transition. Adjunct Professor of Energy, Resources and Environment Bob van der Zwaan wrote for University of Amsterdam, 1/7

Middle East lookahead. Dean Vali Nasr interviewed on CNN International Connect the World, 1/7

Challenges 2019 will bring for the Arab world. Foreign Policy Institute Senior Fellow Hafed Al-Ghwell wrote in Arab News, 1/5

Trump repeats false claim that trade deal results in Mexico paying for his wall. Riordan Roett Chair of Latin American Studies and Director of Emerging Markets Specialization Monica de Bolle quoted in Huffington Post, 1/4

Weekend edition. Henry A. Kissinger Distinguished Professor of the Henry A. Kissinger Center for Global Affairs Hal Brands interviewed on Bloomberg Opinion Radio, 1/4

Before Germany’s massive hack, we learned what not to do with sensitive stolen informationThomas Rid cited on Motherboard, 1/4

Romney is the new McCain, but without the cloutHal Brands wrote in Bloomberg Opinion, 1/3

Meet the man accused of being an American spy in Russia. Distinguished Practitioner-in-Residence at the Philip Merrill Center for Strategic Studies John McLaughlin quoted in OZY, 1/3

Brazil’s Bolsonaro assumes presidency, promises big changes. Professor and Director Emeritus of Latin American Studies Riordan Roett quoted in Associated Press, 1/3

Former CIA officers doubt American arrested in Russia was a spyJohn McLaughlin cited on NBC News, 1/2

Jair Bolsonaro sworn in as Brazil’s president, cementing rightward shiftMonica de Bolle quoted in The New York Times, 1/1

Francis Fukuyama on 2018, a year in identity politics. Foreign Policy Institute Senior Fellow Francis Fukuyama interviewed on Public Radio International, 1/1

International trade in 2019: getting worse before it gets betterMonica de Bolle quoted on CBC News, 1/1

Europe: between dream and reality? Director of European and Eurasian Studies Erik Jones wrote in International Affairs, 1/1

Tangled ties: RCEP, TPP and the U.S.-China trade war. Foreign Policy Institute Senior Fellow Gregory T. Chin wrote in Global Asia, 12/31

Why the U.S. is the world's no. 1 hot spotJohn McLaughlin wrote in OZY, 1/3

Why doesn't U.S. ditch zero-sum mentality in African development? Bernard L. Schwartz Professor of Political Economy and Director of the China Africa Research Initiative Deborah Brautigam cited in China Daily, 12/29

International trade in 2018: making sense of a 'tarrifying' yearMonica de Bolle quoted on CBC News, 12/28

Inside Xi Jinping’s plan to dominate the worldHal Brands wrote in Bloomberg Opinion, 12/28

Who moved my monopoly? Associate Professor of International Political Economy and Latin American Politics Francisco E. González interviewed on Center for Strategic & International Studies 35 West podcast, 12/28

Addressing capacity challenges. Bloomberg Distinguished Associate Professor of Ethics & Global Food and Agriculture Jessica Fanzo wrote in Sight and Life Magazine, 12/27

The power of letting go. Assistant Professor of International Development Daniel Honig wrote in Philanthropy News Digest, 12/27

Appropriate U.S. response is using monetary, fiscal policy; not protecting old industries. Research Professor of International Economics Anne O. Krueger wrote in The Business Times, 12/27

Syria faces brittle future, dominated by Russia and Iran. Adjunct Lecturer of International Development Alexander Bick quoted in The New York Times, 12/26

Could U.S. withdrawal from Syria lead to war between Russia and TurkeyAlexander Bick wrote in Just Security, 12/26

The Trump presidency, year two. Professor Emeritus of American Foreign Policy Michael Mandelbaum wrote in The American Interest, 12/26

A virtual coup in Bosnia. Director of Conflict Management and Acting Director of American Foreign Policy Daniel Serwer cited in Balkan Insight, 12/24

With ‘trimmed’ sails, Pentagon heads into uncharted watersMara Karlin and Visiting Professor of Strategic Studies David Barno quoted in The Washington Post, 12/23

How Trump’s Syria withdrawal helps Putin, hurts alliesJohn McLaughlin wrote in OZY, 12/22

You can't serve both Trump and America. Robert E. Osgood Professor of Strategic Studies Eliot A. Cohen wrote in The Atlantic, 12/22

A rogue presidency’: The era of containing Trump is overEliot A. Cohen cited in Washington Post, 12/22

Trump decision to pull troops out of Afghanistan comes as 'a  big shock'David Barno interviewed on NPR All Things Considered, 12/22

Exiting Syria and the rest of the icebergMara Karlin interviewed on Brookings Institution The Lawfare Podcast, 12/22

McGurk resigns following Mattis after Trump decides to pull troops from SyriaMara Karlin interviewed on CNN Newsroom, 12/22

Why U.S.-Africa reality does not fit the hypeDeborah Brautigam quoted in The East African, 12/22

Allies relied on Mattis. Now they're worriedHal Brands wrote in Bloomberg Opinion, 12/21

The many conflicts between Defense Secretary Mattis and President TrumpMara Karlin interviewed on NPR Morning Edition, 12/21

Opinion/agreement between Kosovo and SerbiaDaniel Serwer wrote in Independent Balkan News Agency, 12/21

U.S. withdrawal from Syria: Mission accomplished for AssadHal Brands interviewed on DW News, 12/20

Experts call for "intelligent diplomacy" in U.S.-China ties. Professor Emeritus of China Studies David M. Lampton quoted in Xinhuanet, 12/20

Ambassador Tahir-Kheli serves as role model to younger generations. Foreign Policy Institute Senior Fellow Shirin Tahir-Kheli featured in The Washington Diplomat Diplomatic Pouch, 12/20

Is the European automotive industry ready for the global electric vehicle revolutionSimone Tagliapietra wrote in Bruegel, 12/20

Fact Check: Mexico isn't paying for the border wall, military unlikely to build itMonica de Bolle quoted on NPR, 12/20