In The News, August 1 - August 23, 2016


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‘In the News’ is a roundup of recent media coverage featuring the Johns Hopkins SAIS community and is produced and distributed several times a month by the Office of Marketing, Communications, and Strategic Initiatives.

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August 1 – August 23, 2016

U.S.-Korea Institute Researcher Curtis Melvin discussed the expansion of artillery bases in North Korea. The Voice of Vietnam 8/23/2016

Director of the Latin American Studies Program Riordan Roett discussed economic and political challenges that continue in Brazil after the close of the Olympic games. The Wall Street Journal 8/22/2016

Riordan Roett wrote about ongoing crises in Brazil including impeachment proceedings and corruption charges associated with the state oil company. Foreign Policy 8/22/2016

Center for Transatlantic Relations Fellow Christina Lin wrote about U.S. foreign policies related to nuclear weapons. Asia Times 8/22/2016

European and Eurasian Studies Adjunct Professor Matthew Rojansky discussed the historic power rivalry between the U.S. and Russia. Quartz 8/19/2016

U.S.-Korea Institute Assistant Director Jenny Town discussed plans to deploy the U.S. Army's missile system in South Korea. The Heat CCTV 8/18/2016 

The U.S.-Korea Institute said satellite images show North Korea has built three artillery bases near Pyongyang. The Korea Times 8/18/2016

U.S.-Korea Institute Director Jae H. Ku discussed the defection of a North Korean diplomat to South Korea. The New York Times 8/17/2016 

Professor Emeritus of American Foreign Policy Michael Mandelbaum discussed how the U.S. has returned to a period of rivalries similar to the Cold War era. CNN 8/17/2016

Matthew Rojansky discussed Russia's potential interest in the U.S. presidential election. The Washington Post 8/17/2016

U.S.-Korea Institute Visiting Scholar Michael Madden discussed a North Korean diplomat defecting to South Korea. The Los Angeles Times 8/17/2016 

Michael Madden said the North Korean diplomat that defected may have intelligence on the regime's covert activities. Vice News 8/17/2016

The U.S.-Korea Institute said satellite imagery indicates North Korea is further pursuing nuclear weapons. Voice of America 8/17/2016

Foreign Policy Institute Fellow David Satter wrote about potential ties between Russian President Vladimir Putin and 1999 apartment bombingsThe National Review 8/17/2016

Matthew Rojansky wrote about the dismissal of the Russian president’s chief of staff to a lower-profile post. World Politics Review 8/17/2016

Dean Vali Nasr discussed coordination between Iran and Russia in Syria, and presidential candidate Donald Trump's foreign policy statementsCNN The World Right Now 8/16/2016

South Asia Studies Visiting Scholar Rohullah Osmani wrote about investments in Afghanistan’s education sector. The Diplomat 8/16/2016

Korea Studies Lecturer Eunjung Lim discussed protests over the U.S. Army's missile system in South Korea. World Insight CCTV 8/16/2016

Assistant Professor of International Political Economy Pavithra Suryanarayan wrote about what drives caste-based voting in Indian politics. The Hindu Business Line 8/16/2016

Center for Transatlantic Relations Fellow Christina Lin wrote about the potential of the Mosul Dam to collapse and implications for the Islamic State. Asia Times 8/15/2016

Riordan Roett wrote about economic and political changes in Brazil over the past decade. Oxford University Press Blog  8/15/2016

Center for Transatlantic Relations Senior Fellow Sasha Toperich wrote about why Kurdistan is a pillar of hope in the Middle East. The Huffington Post 8/14/2016

Associate Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs Peter M. Lewis' book, Growing Apart, is cited for comparing the economies of Nigeria and Indonesia. The Nigerian Voice 8/13/2016

Dean Vali Nasr said the rise of ISIS is traced back to the civil war between Shiites and SunnisThe Huffington Post 8/11/2016

David Satter discussed the history of Russian President Vladimir Putin's leadership. BBC News 8/11/2016

David Satter wrote about presidential candidate Donald Trump's foreign policies toward Russia. The National Review 8/11/2016

European Studies Adjunct Professor Christopher Chivvis discussed the complex situation between the U.S. and Russia in Syria. On Point NPR 8/11/2016

Michael Mandelbaum wrote about U.S. foreign policy in the post-Cold War era including attempts at nation building. The American Interest 8/11/2016

Foreign Policy Institute Senior Fellow Abbas Kadhim discussed the history of using radical Islamism as a weapon in Saudi Arabia. Sputnik News 8/11/2016

Michael Madden wrote about North Korea's historic use of "sports diplomacy," including the Olympic games. BBC News 8/10/2016

Foreign Policy Institute Fellow Dominic Tierney wrote about recent U.S. foreign policies toward Libya. Defense One 8/9/2016

Distinguished Practitioner-in-Residence John McLaughlin discussed security concerns related to U.S. presidential candidate intelligence briefings. OZY 8/9/2016

The U.S.-Korea Institute said satellite images indicate a missile test at a former air baseStars and Stripes 8/8/2016

Christina Lin wrote about a Syrian rebel group cutting ties with al-Qaida. Asia Times 8/7/2016

Abbas Kadhim wrote about parallels between the Islamic State and the Saudi military group Ikhwan. The National Interest 8/7/2016

Michael Madden commented on North and South Korean athletes taking pictures together at the Olympics. CBC/Radio-Canada 8/7/2016

Christina Lin is cited on the future of U.S. foreign policy toward Europe and Asia. Sputnik News 8/6/2016

Senior Advisor to the Dean Shamila Chaudhary commented on approaches by the U.S. to solicit Pakistan's support against terrorismNew Delhi Television  8/5/2016

Research by the China Africa Research Institute is cited for examining the annual number of Chinese workers in African countries. The News Lens International 8/5/2016

Director of China Studies David M. Lampton discussed pledges by Hong Kong politicians to uphold freedoms in the Hong Kong Basic Laws. Voice of America 8/4/2016 

Shamila Chaudhary discussed how U.S.-Pakistan ties have changed following the 9/11 terrorist attacksOutlook India 8/4/2016

Shamila Chaudhary also discussed the consequences of the U.S. withholding $300 million in military aid to Pakistan. The Washington Post 8/3/2016

Professor of International Law and Diplomacy Ruth Wedgwood discussed wartime laws and U.S. citizens detained in North Korea. ABC News 8/3/2016

Christina Lin wrote about how presidential candidate and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton handled classified information in emails. Asia Times 8/3/2016

Director of European and Eurasian Studies Erik Jones discussed Britain's vote to leave the European UnionWalletHub 8/3/2016

Foreign Policy Institute Senior Fellow John Lipsky discussed risks that can weaken the global economy. Bloomberg 8/1/2016

David Satter discussed the history of corruption and violence associated with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Fox News 8/1/2016

Dean Vali Nasr is cited for explaining how civil conflict and terrorism campaigns have increased sectarianism in Pakistan. Pakistan Today 8/1/2016