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Hidden Stories: In the Context of the 2015 Kids Euro Festival - A Ted-style presentation by Ellada Evangelou and Gülgün Kayim on their innovative theater work in Cyprus

Gulgun Kayim and Ellada Evangelou of Skewed Visions /Rooftop Theatre Group from Cyprus give a TED-style talk about their work as performance artists who focus their audience's attention on spaces and how we think about them. Although the artists are from separate sides of the Island, with one Greek while the other is Turkish, they explore space and hidden narratives together. Their collaboration results in "sited performances" that are changing the way their fellow countrymen see and think about this shared land. The artists talk about their work in various urban and rural spaces in Cyprus, describing the mechanics involved in engaging with a space, drawing stories from it and presenting them to the audience. The performance will touch on the learning areas of theatre, identify, space, interactivity and education. A projection showing examples of their work will accompany the talk. 

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Date and Time
October 30, 2015
6:30pm - 8:30pm Local Time

Rome Auditorium/Reception - The Rome Building

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Open to Public and Media

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Student Hosted