The Brief, June 2017


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June  12, 2017 
U.S. Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement

The Trump administration has withdrawn the United States from the Paris climate accord, a move Johns Hopkins SAIS experts said will have sweeping consequences on international relations, environmental impacts, and the country's role as a global leader.

Henry A. Kissinger Distinguished Professor of Global Affairs Hal Brands co-authored a Foreign Policy article that stated the departure of the United States from the agreement is “abdicating U.S. leadership and inviting China to fill the void.” Read more

Director of the Foreign Policy Institute and Associate Director of China Studies Carla Freeman told Marketplace that with the change in U.S. climate policy, China "sees huge economic growth opportunities in taking the lead in global climate change. Not only technology sectors – but even in finance – China has launched a whole array of new green finance instruments.” Hear more

Assistant Professor of Energy, Resources, and Environment Jonas Nahm told Xinhua News that the withdrawal from the international pact could cause long-term, costly consequences in the United States since “mitigation is much cheaper than adaptation. We’re shifting the burden of dealing with climate change into future generations.” Read more

Center for Transatlantic Relations Senior Fellow Federiga Bindi told the Huffington Post the absence of the United States from the climate accord will impact U.S. President Donald Trump’s relationship with world leaders because the shakeup is “one more confirmation for Europeans that this guy is unreliable.” Read more

Following U.S. President Trump's decision, the Johns Hopkins University reaffirmed its commitment to sustainability and mitigating the effects of climate change by joining 11 other colleges and universities in pledging to advance the tenets of the Paris climate accord. Read more

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