The Brief, April 2016

April 11, 2016

The future of the European Union

The stability of the European Union remains unclear as experts anticipate a looming vote on Great Britain's membership and other EU countries call for reforms.

American Foreign Policy Professor John Harper said in Deutsche Welle that the U.S. has always supported the U.K.'s EU membership because “traditionally Britain's positions on economic and political matters were more aligned with those of Washington than with many other European countries.” Read more   

Assistant Professor of International Political Economy Matthias Matthijs said in Foreign Affairs that if Britain parts ways with the EU it could “create chaos across international financial markets, damage the British economy, and could even lead to the dissolution of the United Kingdom.” Read more

Confidence in the EU is eroding in Italy as well, where some attribute the country's recession to EU-imposed austerity. But Italy, unlike the United Kingdom, wants to push the EU on reforms. In The Financial Times, Director of European and Eurasian Studies Erik Jones said the Italian prime minister has an outlook “to do what’s good for Italy” in order to position the country as a role model for reform within the EU. Read more
A Stronger U.S.-Canadian Alliance 

President Barack Obama welcomed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for a state visit that experts say proved to be more than symbolic as it furthered shared interests of the long-time allies.

Center for Canadian Studies Director Christopher Sands said in The Wall Street Journal the visit secured Obama’s goodwill to help Trudeau "advance his environmental and energy agendas," as they announced steps to reduce methane emissions and protect the Arctic. Read more

In The Cipher Brief, Christopher Sands said Obama was responsible for bringing Canada to the TPP table, and that Trudeau’s visit would give him “a chance to push back against Congress and promote the TPP, which could help persuade Canadians to support the agreement.” Read more

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