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The MA Oral Exam tests students' knowledge of international economics and their chosen functional or regional concentration. Exams are held in August, December and May, and only the top 30 percent of the student body are eligible to compete for honors. 

Johns Hopkins SAIS' Library, also known as Mason Library, offers comprehensive library services to students, faculty and staff. 

Offered at SAIS Europe in Bologna, this is a two-year researched-focused degree, allowing students to produce an original thesis. Students may pursue both years of the MAIA at SAIS Europe or one year at SAIS Europe and the other at a participating European university as part of a cooperative degree program.

The Philip Merrill Center for Strategic Studies operates as a center for teacher development, strategic thought, and education at Johns Hopkins SAIS. It explores the relationship between politics and the many kinds of military power—from the use of terror by small, non-state groups to the threatened use of nuclear weapons—aiming to promote dialogue and innovative research on pressing national security issues. Since its founding in July 2004, following a generous gift from The Merrill Family Foundation, The Philip Merrill Center for Strategic Studies has been a primary resource to improve the quality of teaching in strategic studies and promote dialogue on major issues of the national security agenda.

The Middle East Studies (MES) program offers a comprehensive approach to study of the region. It covers topics such as failing states, petrostates, political transitions, economic development, state-to-state conflict and nuclear proliferation, as well as religions, ethnicity and tribalism. Middle East Studies courses take a historical and theoretical approach to study of regional issues and topics. A few courses focus on particular countries, such as Iran and Egypt, but a majority explore broad regional or topical questions. The geographic range spans from Morocco to Iran to Turkey to Somalia.