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The J-Card Office issues the J-Cards which is the official identification and access card for students, faculty and staff. J-Cash is also a prepaid, stored-value account that is part of your J-Card. It is the convenient, cashless way to pay for your purchases. J-Cash balances roll over each term/year and the card remains active as long as you are a registered student or current faculty/staff member. 

The Japan Studies Program, with accomplished scholars, policy-experienced professionals and real-world work opportunities for students, is catching the wave. SAIS is one of the few International Relations graduate programs to offer a concentration focused specifically on Japan. The Reischauer Center for East Asian Studies, closely affiliated to the program, supports these efforts by conducting policy-relavant research and providing links to Asian Studies in general. 

The Japanese Program offers language instruction that emphasizes topics such as politics, economics, finance, diplomacy, foreign policy, the environment, energy and regional/global security to meet students’ needs for professional development.

The Johns Hopkins SAIS Board of Advisors serves as a critical source of periodic advice and counsel to the Dean in setting the overall course for the school’s future.