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Student Organizations

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Student Organizations

Students are welcome to join the diverse array of student organizations listed here. Club membership provides an important opportunity to develop skills in leadership, programming, and collaboration. Please contact the club via the email address provided with any questions. 

If you are interested in starting a new club, please consider whether your interests can be incorporated into one of the existing clubs below. If not, please complete the Club Application Form and Rules document that will be posted here this summer. If you have any questions, contact the SGA Treasurer at

Careers in Development
Energetic student group with passions across international development sectors. Focuses on networking with alumni, specialists and world leaders. CID also sends exclusive job and internship postings and facilitates member-demanded events, while collaborating with other organizations to hold events across the school and DC.
Careers in Diplomacy
Aims to successfully posture students for diplomacy-related careers by providing forums to connect with alumni, specialists, and leaders in the field. The club facilitates member demanded events and sends periodic newsletters to keep students abreast of relevant job and internship opportunities.
Consulting Club
Provides information and career advice for students interested in various consulting fields, from management consulting to political risk. The club organizes career treks and hosts events in which practitioners speak about their experiences in the field.
Defense and Intelligence
Hosts events that will help connect students with former or current practitioners in the defense and intelligence communities. This club is for students curious about or interested in pursuing a career in defense or intelligence.
Energy and Environment
Engages the school community by organizing career panels, lectures with distinguished speakers, roundtable discussions with alumni, and career-centered site visits. The club also develops ties between key energy and environment sector employers through outreach to alumni and marketing the degree’s unique combination of energy, economics and public policy.
Global Security and Conflict Management
Provides a platform for students to enhance their technical skills, network with other professionals, and facilitate meetings with potential employers in the field of global security and conflict management.
Global Women in Leadership
Aims to equip leaders with the tools necessary to excel professionally and tackle challenges facing women globally. Sponsors a bimonthly luncheon series; hosts seminars, workshops, and networking events; and organizes the annual SAIS Global Women in Leadership Conference, a forum for young professionals preparing to launch successful careers in an increasingly globalized world, and to address the issues facing women around the world.
International Finance Club
Helps students explore and pursue careers in international finance through regular seminars and training sessions that provide students with technical skills and knowledge. Also organizes mock interviews, internship panels and lectures.
International Organizations
Help students and alumni interested in pursuing a career with an international organization by providing resources to inform their search and job opportunities. Also organizes events such as brownbags with alumni, mock interviewing sessions, and speaker panels regarding jobs and issues in relation to multilaterals.
Net Impact
Provides the network and resources to inspire students to build successful "impact careers" by working in jobs dedicated to change or by bringing a social and environmental lens to traditional business roles. Organizes events with leading practitioners on themes such as Impact Investment, Micro and SME finance, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), SME Development, and Base-of-the-Pyramid [BoP] business strategies.
Africa Association
Dedicated to enriching the cultural and academic life of the student body by promoting issues concerning Africa and the African Diaspora. Organizes educational, professional and social activities to foster understanding and dialogue between students who identify with, and are interested in, the diverse cultures and experiences of the African Diaspora.
Aims to foster understanding and awareness of the diverse peoples of South and Southwest Asia, through events designed to promote cultural understanding and tolerance. Events include discussions on the latest developments in the region, celebrations of holidays indigenous to the region, screenings of films that offer insight into the culture and societies of the region, and other relevant activities. Depending on the availability and proficiency of members that volunteer, the Chai Club intends to host language tables on a weekly basis for students interested in an opportunity to practice a language indigenous to South or Southwest Asia.
China Club
Organizes social, cultural and academic activities related to China to provide opportunities for students to learn about and understand China from a perspective outside that provided in the classroom. Open to all students, which allows interested students to network across concentrations. Events include the school-wide ping pong tournament, New Year potlock, and karaoke trips, among others.
German Club
Provides a steady link between students, professionals and academics in Washington DC, focusing on topics of German, Austrian or European relevance. Pursues academic, social and cultural activities, and provides a platform for realizing transatlanticism and political discourse.

Indonesia Corner at SAIS
Brings together the SAIS and greater DC community in promoting and understanding Indonesian food, culture, diversity, and more. Organizes education, professional and social activities that help to educate others on specific Indonesian issues relating to politics, economy, trade, development, environment, conflict, diversity, etc.

Japan Club
Brings together students with an interest in any aspect of Japan, including food, entertainment, culture, politics and foreign affairs. Plans activities like happy hours, movie screenings, language tables, alumni networking and more. All are encouraged to join, regardless of concentration or experience.
Korea Club
Brings together those interested in Korea, from Korea, or thinking about working in Korea, to learn about and celebrate Korean language, culture, food and current events. Coordinates with USKI and Korea Studies to host speakers, lunches, dinners, and weekly Korean language table.
Latin American Studies Club
Focuses on bringing together students that are interested in better understanding the region through cultural activities such as salsa dancing, Spanish and Portuguese happy hours, and cooking. You do not need to be a Latin American Studies concentrator to join!
Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Club
Creates a space for students to learn about current events in the Middle East and North Africa by holding panels with distinguished practitioners and scholars on a wide range of subjects and by hosting networking events for students interested in careers relevant to the region.
Russia and Eurasia Club
Brings together students interested in the region for film viewings, delicious authentic food, and plenty of casual discussion. Explores the sensitivities of the region's history and culture. The group is open to everyone, not only those in Russian and Eurasian Area Studies.

Thai Club
Draws members from across the student body that endeavors to raise the profile of Thailand and its culture by organizing events to expose the student body and community members of the greater DC area to Thailand's unique identity. Activities include a lecture series, movie nights, Thai cooking, and trivia.
Alexander Hamilton Society
Part of the AHS national organization, which is an independent, non-partisan, not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting constructive debate on basic principles and contemporary issues in foreign, economic, and national security policy. AHS is a membership organization—not a think tank or an advocacy group—that sponsors debates at colleges and universities, as well as in major cities, and provides other opportunities for our members to flourish intellectually, professionally, and personally.
Christian Forum
Strives to create an environment where students can freely express their beliefs and to provide a sense of community and support. Students come from many different denominations. Hosts a weekly Bible study, as well as other events throughout the semester. Also connected to DC's graduate Intervarsity fellowship network.
International Law Society
Promotes the study and practice of international law, and awareness and debate of international law issues.
Kickball Club
Plays with both a competitive fall league team and semiannual tournaments against rival schools. Also manages the school's cornhole franchise, while also coordinating friendly networking events with other DC Masters’ programs.
MBA Club
Provides a forum for current dual MA/MBA students to network, build a community, and discuss mutual opportunities and challenges; and provides resources to prospective MBA students to help them make informed decisions about pursuing an MBA and complete their business school applications.
Running Club
Meets for a weekly run every Sunday morning. Runners at all levels, all paces and all ages are welcome to join. Also matches students looking to run with other students.
SAIS Corps Volunteer Club
Organizes opportunities for students to engage with local and international communities on both a one-time and more regular basis. Creates an environment for students to interact while providing services to the community and acts as a clearinghouse for local volunteer activities.
SAIS Francophone Association
Offers students a window into the cultural, linguistic and academic realms of the French-speaking community. Hosts events ranging from informal Table Francaise, cultural gatherings and academic discussions focusing on challenges relevant to the Francophone world.
SAIS-Georgetown Exchange
Organizes the annual foreign policy debate between Johns Hopkins SAIS and Georgetown MSFS students.
SAIS Italian Society
Creates opportunities for dialogue and exchange of ideas among all the members of the school's community who share an interest in Italian culture, current affairs, history and traditions.
SAIS Pride
Serves as a resource for LGBTI students at the school and their allies. Supports LGBTI students by providing a social forum and holding events related to professional and personal life in international affairs as a gay person.
SAIS Veterans Network
Supports students who are military veterans, active duty military, or simply interested in learning more about the military community. Focuses on building cohesion amongst military members and the school's community through volunteer service and outreach.
Soccer Club
Eric Sigmon
Joins together an assortment of novice, intermediate and advanced international soccer players. Plays pickup games around DC and field the Fire and SAIS team in District Sports Division 1 coed league.
Tangential Economics Society
Gives students a weekly forum to talk about economic issues of interest in an informal manner.
The Tribe
Welcomes the entire school community to celebrate both cultural and religious aspects of Judaism. Seeks to connect the school with the larger JHU and DC communities and encourages participation in lectures, field trips, religious celebrations, interfaith events, and networking opportunities.
The Vision Incubator
Provides a regular forum for participants to articulate, receive feedback on, and refine their individual vision and strategy for a substantial positive impact they would like to have on the world.
Offers students an opportunity to gain valuable public speaking practice and skills for both prepared and extemporaneous speeches. Meetings tend to consist of two 6-minute long prepared speeches, several brief extemporaneous speeches, and a jokes section. All this is capped by an evaluations portion. Each meeting lasts about one hour.

SAIS Observer  
Student newspaper, published for Washington, Bologna and Nanjing students.
SAIS Review     
Journal dedicated to advancing the debate on leading contemporary issues in world affairs.
SAIS Perspectives     
Annual student publication of the International Development Program. Publishes submissions from faculty, alumni, and current students from all concentrations.