The Grassroots China Initiative


Established in 2007 and housed at the China Studies Program at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies, the Grassroots China Initiative has a threefold mission:  providing teaching and internships about contemporary realities of life in grassroots China, working cooperatively on the ground with grassroots organizations and local officials in China, and educating the American public and policy-makers about development in China's grassroots.  The Grassroots China Initiative’s premier project is a multi-year training program for grassroots non-governmental organizations in Western China.  Using highly participatory methodologies and working in cooperation with local officials, the Grassroots China Initiative supports training programs for innovative NGOs focusing on education and community development.

The Initiative also works informally with NGOs in other parts of China, including some serving people living with HIV/AIDS.  We offer internships to highly motivated, entrepreneurial students who want to work on the ground with China’s new civil society organizations.  To learn more about our internships, click here.

Senior Research Professor Anne F. Thurston is director of the Initiative and continues to teach one semester a year in the China Studies Program. For more information on program staff, click here.