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Christian Herter Society

Christian A. HerterThe legacy of Christian Herter–former US secretary of state and co-founder of Johns Hopkins SAIS–has inspired thousands of students to strive to address the most pressing challenges in international relations. We recognize and celebrate his lasting imprint by honoring individuals who contribute $2,500 or more in support of the mission and goals of the school.

CHS members are highlighted in the school's Honor Roll and receive special seating at select school events as well as exclusive access to policy insiders and leading thinkers.

There are four Christian Herter Society levels:
  • $2,500 - $4,999
  • $5,000 - $9,999
  • $10,000 - $24,999
  • $25,000 +

Young alumni are also recognized as members of the Christian Herter Society when they make annual gifts of $1,000 (0-9 years after graduation).

The school especially recognizes those giving $100,000 or more annually with the unique designation of Dean's Circle members.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Christian Herter Society? The Christian Herter Society is Johns Hopkins SAIS’ program designed to recognize donors’ annual giving to the school. Membership in CHS begins when your gifts during the fiscal year reach $2,500 or more. The Society is named in honor of school co-founder and former US Secretary of State, Christian A. Herter.

2. What is the purpose of the Christian Herter Society? In light of Johns Hopkins University’s Rising to the Challenge campaign, the largest fundraising effort in the university’s history, we have had the opportunity at Johns Hopkins SAIS to reflect on our past and set our sights on the future. The school will play an active role in this campaign and is striving to raise an impressive $160 million for fellowships, core programs, research initiatives, and faculty support across its three campuses.

3. Does “annual giving” mean gifts only to the Johns Hopkins SAIS, SAIS Europe, and Hopkins-Nanjing Center Annual Funds? No. The term “annual giving” refers to gifts made during the fiscal year to any fund, and often is used to describe donors’ recurrent giving on an annual basis. “Annual funds” are funds established to receive gifts that are unrestricted and deployed at the discretion of the Dean, enabling the school to act swiftly on needs or opportunities that arise throughout the year. Gifts to a campus annual fund are included in the calculation of donors’ participation in the Christian Herter Society, as are gifts to any of the other funds or programs at the school.

4. Why is giving to the Annual Fund important to Johns Hopkins SAIS? All giving is greatly appreciated, but the Johns Hopkins SAIS, SAIS Europe, and Hopkins-Nanjing Center Annual Funds in particular are a driving force in keeping our three campuses and their programs functioning at the exceptional levels for which we are renowned. By choosing to direct your giving to the Annual Fund, the school has the flexibility to address needs as they arise during the course of the year in many different areas including funding for programs, fellowship and financial aid support, and student activities and opportunities.

5. How will I know when I’ve entered the Christian Herter Society? We carefully track your gifts, and when you have met the $2,500 threshold, you will receive access to exclusive conference calls, updates from Dean Nasr and other school leaders, and invitations to, and special seating at, select school events.

6. What are the tiers and benefits of the Christian Herter Society? The tiers of CHS are listed in accordance with donors’ levels of giving. In developing CHS benefits, we have aimed to provide donors with enhanced information, access, and engagement with the campus community at increased levels of giving.

7. How is my membership in the Christian Herter Society calculated? Which gifts count? Membership is based on your gifts to the school (any campus, department, or program) during the fiscal year. Included are any outright gifts or pledge payments, plus corporate matching gifts collected and applied to your giving record, you make during the fiscal year.

8. Will matching gifts count toward my membership in the Christian Herter Society? Corporate matching gifts (for instance, those from your employer) that have been collected by the school and applied to your giving record count toward the calculation of your membership.

9. Do the benefits of the Christian Herter Society impact the tax deductibility of my gifts to Johns Hopkins SAIS? No, because the benefits have no significant monetary value.

10. Can large gifts above the $2,500 threshold be applied toward membership in CHS for multiple years? The Christian Herter Society is designed to recognize and encourage annual giving to the school, and as such only gifts you make during the current fiscal year are included in calculating your membership in CHS for that fiscal year.

11. Will my name appear in the annual Johns Hopkins SAIS donor honor roll if I am a member of the Christian Herter Society? Yes. Special recognition is given to Christian Herter Society members in the annual donor honor roll, unless you prefer to remain anonymous. The annual donor honor roll will be comprehensive of Christian Herter Society donors who gave at the $2,500 threshold or above in the previous fiscal year. (The Johns Hopkins University fiscal year is July 1 to June 30.)

For more information, or to become a member of the Christian Herter Society, please contact Louis Diez, Assistant Director of Development, at (202) 663 5630, or