Alumni | SAIS Magazine | Winter 2017

Winter 2017 Issue

Below you will find a copy of each article that is in the Winter 2017 Magazine issue (Each article is formated in PDF).

1: Cover
2: Welcome
3: TOC
4: Events At SAIS
5: Unprecedented Strain In Syria
6: Is This the New European Order
7: Food Security
8: Henry A Kissinger Center for Global Affairs
9: SAIS Welcomes Hal Brands and Francis Gavin
10: Say Hello to SAIS New Professors
11: Hopkins Nanjing Center 30 Years of International Studies
12: A Role to Play
13: Inspiring Leaders The Abraaj Group
14: Publications
15: Alumni Life Give Every Year
16: Sharing Their Journey
17: The International Physician
18: The Power Of Public Service
19: Cultural Diplomat
20: Around The Globe
21: Class of 91 25th Reunion in DC
22: Supporting Students Honoring Professors
23: Keeping the Connection
24: News and Noteworthy
25: Contact Us

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