Irena Grizelj

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SAIS opens so many doors for you. Maybe you’re happy currently at work, but you never know what you want to do later down the line. SAIS gives you so many opportunities, with the networks you form, the classes you take, the professors that you make connections with. It’s a big investment that is so worthwhile in the long run. The world is an unpredictable place – some try to predict it, but we never really know what’s coming. To have such a solid network of friends, family that you can rely on, and come back to, who are knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated in so many fields – why would you want to lose touch with that?

Irena Grizelj MA, conflict management

Career Interests

Implementing humanitarian and social protection policies, specifically related to children, in conflict and fragile states.


Bologna Student Government Association, Justice for Children Intern at UNICEF, Conflict Management Club Leadership Team, PeaceKidz, Research Assistant at the Protection Project, Conflict Management Field Trip to Colombia