Thomas Row

Thomas Row

Senior Adjunct Professor of History
European and Eurasian Studies
Global Theory and History

SAIS Europe


  • Italy
  • Western Europe
  • History
  • Italian

Background and Education

Professor of History, Diplomatic Academy, Vienna. Previously was a Research Fellow at the Giovanni Agnelli Foundation; also served as a Resident Assistant Professor at SAIS Europe and as an Adjunct Professor at the Robert K. Nilsson Center for European Studies of Dickinson College and at the Johns Hopkins Center for Italian Studies at Villa Spellman; served as historical consultant for a series of television documentaries broadcast on the History Channel; PhD, international relations, Johns Hopkins SAIS.

Publications: Does Central Europe Still Exist, editor (2007); "Italy in the International System, 1900–1922" in Liberal and Fascist Italy: 1900-1945 (2002); "Mobilizing the Nation: Italian Propaganda in the Great War" in The Journal of Decorative and Propaganda Arts (2002); Il nazionalismo economico nell'Italia liberale (1998); Reflections on the Identity of Europe, editor (1996)

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Spring 2019 
Gives an histor...
Gives an historical and global geopolitical framework for understanding how the modern global system has evolved. Focuses on three broad motifs: (1) the dialectical character of the European state system; (2) the relationship of Europe to the rest of the world; and (3) the progressive rise of non- European powers and the growing challenge these have posed to Europe’s dominant position in the world. The course ends with reflections on the contemporary international system and its principal actors, with an eye to defining its prospects in the 21st century. (Cross listed Core Courses/European and Eurasian Studies)