Sara Pennicino

Sara Pennicino

Adjunct Assistant Professor of International Law
International Law and Organizations
International Relations

SAIS Europe


  • Italy
  • United States
  • Human Rights and Democracy
  • International Law
  • Italian

Background and Education

Assistant Professor, University of Padua, Italy. Professor Pennicino is an an affiliated scholar of the Center for Constitutional Studies and Democratic Development (CCSDD), where to date she holds the position of project coordinator. Postdoctoral research fellow, the University of Bologna, School of Law (2008-2012). Awarded the National Scientific Qualification as Associate Professor of Comparative Law in 2014. Her current academic work addresses the role played by electoral watchdog bodies in transitional and post conflict states, with particular reference to countries that were assisted by the international community in organizing and conducting elections on the one hand, and solving electoral disputes on the other.

Publications: Professor Pennicino is the author of numerous articles published in Italian and international law reviews focusing on common law systems, with special attention for American constitutional law.

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Spring 2019 
The course aims...
The course aims at providing a comprehensive understanding of internationally recognized human rights instruments and standards, providing an account of international human rights institutions and identifying the relevance of international human rights law to domestic law. Special attention will also be devoted to the "enforcement" dimension of international human rights, by assessing the role of international (United Nations) and regional (European, American and African) human rights mechanisms, as well as to the monitoring and advocacy perspective of international NGOs, domestic human rights practitioners and other infrastructures at a domestic level. (IL)