Sarah Marie Jordaan

Sarah Marie Jordaan, PhD

Assistant Professor of Energy, Resources and Environment
Energy, Resources and Environment
Canadian Studies

1619 Massachusetts Avenue, NW #429
Washington, DC 20036


  • Climate Policy
  • Comparative Regional Analysis
  • Energy Technology Innovation
  • Land use and Water Consumption of Energy Developments
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Spatial Analysis of Energy and Environmental Policies
  • French

Background and Education

Prior to joining Johns Hopkins SAIS, Dr. Sarah Marie Jordaan was an Assistant Professor of Energy Policy and Politics at the University of Calgary. She has over a decade of experience researching energy and the environment with award winning publications on climate policy and the water implications of energy technologies. Her foundations in government and public policy were strengthened at Harvard University with the Energy Technology Innovation Policy research group at the Kennedy School of Government and she gained greater insight into climate science at the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences. She has held positions with the Electric Power Research Institute, Shell Canada, the Laboratory on International Law and Regulation at the University of California, San Diego, and the Ocean Sciences Center at the Memorial University of Newfoundland. She earned her PhD in 2010 at the University of Calgary in Environmental Design at the Institute for Sustainable Energy, Economy, and Environment. Her Bachelor's degree is in Physics with a minor in Computer Science from Memorial University.

Articles (peer reviewed)
Ciliberti, C., S. M. Jordaan, S. V. Smith, S. Spatari. (2016) A life cycle perspective on land use and project economics of electricity from wind and anaerobic digestion.  Energy Policy, 89: 52–63.

Brandt, A. R., G. A. Heath, E. A. Kort, F. O'Sullivan, G. Pétron, S. M. Jordaan, P. Tans, J. Wilcox, A. M. Gopstein, D. Arent, S. Wofsy, N. J. Brown, R. Bradley, G. D. Stucky, D. Eardley, and R. Harriss. (2014) Methane Leaks from North American Natural Gas Systems.  Science, 343: 733-735.

Jordaan, S. M., L. D. Anadon, E. Mielke, D. P. Schrag. (2013) Regional water implications of reducing oil imports with liquid transportation fuel alternatives in the United States.  Environmental Science and Technology, 47(21): 11976-11984. (Awarded Best Technical Paper at the Canadian Renewable Fuels Summit).

Jordaan, S. M. (2012) Land and water impacts of oil sands production in Alberta. Environmental Science and Technology, 46(7): 3611–3617.

Doluweera, G., S. M. Jordaan, M. Moore, D. W. Keith, and J. A. Bergerson. (2011) Evaluating the role of cogeneration for carbon management in Alberta. Energy Policy, 39: 7963–7974.

Jordaan, S. M. and M. C. Moore. (2010) Ethical risks of environmental policies: ethanol production in North America.  School for Public Policy, University of Calgary, 3(9).

Yeh, S., S. M. Jordaan, A. Brandt, S. Spatari, M. Turetksy, D. W. Keith. (2010) Land use greenhouse gas emissions from conventional oil and oil sands production.  Environmental Science and Technology, 44(22): 8766–8772.

Jordaan, S. M., D. W. Keith, B. Stelfox. (2009) Quantifying land use of oil sands production: a life cycle perspective, Environmental Research Letters, 4: 024004.

Jordaan, S. M. (2007) Ethical risks of attenuating climate change through new energy systems: the case of a biofuel system.  Ethics in Science and Environmental Politics, 2007: 23-29. (Essay Contest Winner, Environmental Science).
Opinion articles
Coleman, J. W. and S. M. Jordaan. (forthcoming) Clearing the Air: How Canadian LNG Exports Could Help meet World Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goals. C.D. Howe Institute, Issue Brief.
Working papers
Patterson, L. A., S. M. Jordaan, and L. Diaz Anadon. (2016) A Spatiotemporal Exploration of Water Consumption Changes Resulting from the Coal-to-Gas Transition in Pennsylvania. Nicholas Institute of Environmental Policy Solutions, Duke University and the Belfer Center for International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School. NI WP 16-01. Durham, NC:

Jordaan, S. M.  (2011) Governance of impacts to land and water resources from oil sands development in Alberta.  Working paper series, Laboratory on International Law and Regulation, University of California, San Diego.
Research reports
Coleman, J. W., A. Kasumu, J. Liendo, V. Li, S. M. Jordaan. (2015) Calibrating Liquefied Natural Gas Export Life Cycle Assessment: Accounting for Legal Boundaries & Post-Export Markets, CIRL Occasional Paper #49.  Canadian Institute of Resources Law.

Electric Power Research Institute. (2013) Shale Gas Production in the United States: Environmental and Economic Resource Challenges and Opportunities.  Palo Alto, CA. 3002002014.
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