Patricia Sourdin

Patricia Sourdin

Adjunct Professor of International Economics
International Economics

SAIS Europe


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Background and Education

A research associate at the University of Adelaide; serves as an economic consultant to the World Bank, UNDP, OECD and ERIA; currently researches and consults at the OECD on trade, transport costs and trade finance; Ph.D., economics, University of Adelaide

“Determinants of Maritime Transport Costs,” co-author (under review); “Maritime Transport Costs and Their Impact on Trade,” co-author (forthcoming); “Why do Trade Costs Vary?,” co-author, in Review of World Economics (forthcoming); “Clarifying Trade Costs: Maritime Transport and Its Effect on Agricultural Trade,” co-author, in Review of Agricultural Economics (forthcoming); “Trade Facilitation and the Measurement of Trade Costs,” co-author, in Journal of International Commerce, Economics and Policy (2010); “The Availability and Cost of Short-Term Trade Finance and Its Impact on Trade,” co-author, in OECD Trade Policy Working Papers (2009); “Monitoring Trade Costs in Southeast Asia,” co-author, in ERIA Discussion Paper ERIA-DP-2009-12 (2009); “Have Asian Trade Agreements Reduced Trade Costs?,” co-author, in Journal of Asian Economics (2009); “Pension Contributions as a Commitment Device: Evidence of Sophistication among Time-Inconsistent Households” in Journal of Economic Psychology (2008); “Redistribution of Oil Revenue in Kazakhstan,” co-editor, in The Economics and Politics of Oil in the Caspian Basin (2008)

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Spring 2018 
This 12 hour co...
This 12 hour course introduces students to Stata for econometrics by building on a foundation of introductory statistics. Students must be currently enrolled in Econometrics. Course objectives: The course aims to prepare students to utilize STATA; one of the most commonly used statistical analysis software packages, and develop a deeper understanding of econometrics. Students will develop a basic understanding of the mathematical principles underlying econometric analysis through practical applications with STATA. Students will manipulate data, learn basic programming commands, and analyze regression output with the aim of independent skills application.