Giampiero Giacomello

Giampiero Giacomello, PhD

Adjunct Professor of International Political Economy
Associate Professor, Department of Political and Social Sciences, the University of Bologna

SAIS Europe


  • Strategic and Security Issues
  • Italian

Background and Education

Previously Professor Giacomello held (visiting) research and teaching positions at several American and European universities. His research interests include strategic theory, cybersecurity, and simulation techniques. PhD in Political Science, European University Institute.


Professor Giacomello has authored and co-edited various books and published several articles in European Political Science, International Studies Review, European Security, Contemporary Politics, International Political Science Review and others. Dr. Giacomello has reported on "Italy" for the yearly publication Freedom of the Net (Freedom House) and is a contributor on defense and security issues for Italian dailies.

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Summer 2018 
The course will...
The course will explore the foundations of Big Data, including its foundations in computing technology and statistics. It aims at understanding the role of computers in our lives, and how this generates a trail. Social implications of increased knowledge, surveillance, and behavioral prediction made possible by Big Data, and the ethical trade offs will also be considered. While the course includes an analytic project, no prior technical experience is required.