Barbara Luppi

Barbara Luppi, PhD

Adjunct Professor of International Economics

SAIS Europe
Bologna, Italy


  • Economics
  • International Economics
  • German
  • Italian

Background and Education

Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Modena e Reggio Emilia. Previously Professor Luppi was Visiting Professor of Law and Economics, University of St. Thomas, School of Law, Minneapolis (2012-2014); Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Economics, University of Bologna (2005-2007); Tutorial Fellow, London School of Economics and Political Science (2003-2005); Lecturer, University of Bologna Rimini campus (2003-2004). Professor Luppi was a consultant for Regional Federation of Community Banks, Emilia Romagna (2007-2008), National Institute of Agricultural Economics, Rome (2004-2008), and Research Center on Social Investments (CENSIS), Rome (2007). Recipient of the Microsoft Research Award for Scholarship in Law and Economics (2009) and the Marco Fanno Scholarship (2002). PhD in Economics, London School of Economics and Political Science (2010); PhD in Political Economics, University of Bologna (2005).

Professor Luppi has published many articles and book chapters. The most recent include: "Comparative Law and Economics of Causation," with F. Parisi in M. Infantino and E. Zervogianni (eds.), Causation in European Tort Law, Cambridge University Press (forthcoming); "Gordon Tullock and the Virginia School of Law and Economics," with A. Guerra and F. Parisi, in Constitutional Political Economy, vol. 28 (2017); "Optimal Liability for Optimistic Tortfeasors," with F. Parisi, in European Journal of Law and Economics, vol. 41 (2016); "Double-Edged Torts," with F. Parisi and D. Pi, in International Review of Law and Economics, vol. 46 (2016); "Deterrence of Wrongdoing in Ancient Law," with F. Parisi, D. Pi and I. Fargnoli, in G. Dari Mattiacci (ed.), Roman Law and Economics, Oxford University Press (2015); "Behavioral Approach to Tort Law," with F. Parisi, in J. Teitelbaum and K. Zeiler (eds.), Handbook of Behavioral Law and Economics, Elgar (2015); "Rent-Seeking in the Law," with F. Parisi, in R. Congleton and A. Hillman (eds.), Companion to the Political Economy of Rent-Seeking, Springer (2015); "Jury Size and the Hung-Jury Paradox," with F. Parisi, in Journal of Legal Studies, vol. 42 (2013); "Litigation and Legal Evolution," with F. Parisi, in Public Choice, vol. 152 (2012).

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Covers theory o...
Covers theory of consumer behavior and demand, theory of the firm and market structures, general equilibrium and resource allocation, theory of income distribution, information theory, game theory and economics of institutions.