Adnan Kummer

Adnan Kummer

International Economics

Office: Bernstein-Offit 711


  • Europe
  • South Asia
  • Southeast Asia
  • International Financial Markets
  • International Economics
  • International Finance
  • International Monetary Economics
  • International Monetary Theory
  • International Political Economy

2016-01-28 00:00:00 
This course cov...
This course covers the basic theory underlying the international monetary system. Topics include balance of payments; exchange rates and the foreign exchange market; exchange rate expectations; interest rates and capital flows; monetary policy in open economies; international financial markets; macroeconomics of open economies; and exchange rate regimes.
This course exa...
This course examines issues related to international financial markets and institutions, foreign exchange exposure and management, and issues involved in the financial management of multinational firms. The course introduces foreign exchange exposure risks, political risks, hedging strategies, and then integrates these topics through the use of case studies. The course provides theoretical framework as well as practical skills to help you analyze the macroeconomic environment for international finance situations.
This course dev...
This course develops an empirically based analytical framework to study the functioning of the economy as a whole.  Key issues covered are (1) the determinants of growth of income per-capita; (2) the transmission of business cycles to changes in inflation; (3) the use of monetary policy rules to set interest rates.  The course‚Äôs framework will allow the student to understand questions of interest: Why do some countries grow faster than others? What are the objectives of monetary policy?  Are those objectives consistent with the implementation of fiscal policy?