Arthur Appleton

Arthur Appleton, PhD

Adjunct Professor of International Law
International Law and Organizations
International Relations

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  • Africa
  • Middle East
  • Southeast Asia
  • United States
  • Western Europe
  • International Law
  • International Courts and Arbitration
  • International Trade Theory and Policy
  • French

Background and Education

Partner, Appleton Luff International Lawyers; Senior Trade and Investment Consultant, World Bank. Visiting Faculty and Board Member, World Trade Institute, University of Bern (from 2004); Visiting Faculty, International Economic Law and Policy programme, University of Barcelona (from 2009). Member of the Editorial Advisory Board, Legal Issues of Economic Integration, Journal of the Europa Institute, and the Amsterdam Center for International Law; member of the Advisory Committee, The Latin American Journal of International Trade Law; List of Experts on Trade and Sustainable Development (various FTA arbitration panels). He has recently lectured in Austria, Brazil, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, and Palestine. PhD University of Geneva (IUHEI); JD, School of Law, University of Maryland.

Publications: Business Guide to Trade and Investment: International Trade, with Macrory, laird, eds. (2017); "The WTO Appellate Body – Pathways and Pitfalls," in Judging the State in International Trade and Investment Law, Leila Choukroune, ed., Springer (2016); "The US – Shrimp Appeal: 20 Years On," in WTO Disputes @Twenty: Insiders' Reflections on India's Participation, Abhijit Das, ed., Springer (2016); "Product Labelling: What Hath the AB Wrought," ICTSD-BioRes (2015); "PIL and IEL: Will Seal Deaths Resurrect the Dream of International Legal Coherence?" Questions of International Law, Zoom-in 9 (2014); "National Treatment Under the TBT Agreement," in Sanders (ed.) The Principle of National Treatment in International Economic Law, Trade, Investment, and Intellectual Property (2014); "Conformity Assessment," in Trebilcock and Epps (eds.), TBT Handbook (2013); "Product Labelling 15 Years On: The Role of the Judiciary," in Cremona, Reflections of the Constitutionalisation of International Economic Law (2013); "Forum Selection in Trade Litigation," ICTSD (2014); "Certificates of Free Sale: Who is Being Protected from Whom?" with C. Dordi, in Journal of International Economic Law (2011); The World Trade Organization: A Legal, Political and Economic Analysis, with Macrory and Plummer (2005). A full list of publications can be found here

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Spring 2018 
Suitable for no...
Suitable for non-lawyers, this introduction to international trade law will explore the legal foundation of the international trading system in a highly interactive setting. The emphasis will be on the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO), including intellectual property rules, and how these rules affect trade in goods and services. Policy considerations will be emphasized - such as the developmental and public health implications of WTO rules and rulings, and the relationship between WTO rules and rules governing environmental protection, human rights and labor rights. Particular attention will be given to important WTO Appellate Body decisions. Mention will also be made of regional trade agreements, including ongoing negotiations such as TTIP and TPP. (IL)