Au revoir les Enfants
Set in France. Jewish children hidden in a Catholic orphanage. They and the priest who hid them are denounced and deported during the Second World War.
French with English subtitles : Intermediate

Avenue Montaigne
Set in France. A young woman from the province comes to work in a Parisian cafe and discovers life in a wealthy Parisian neighborhood. Light and easy, story-wise.
French with English subtitles : Intermediate

Bataille d'Alger
Set in Algeria/ Tunisia/ Morocco. The battle between French forces and liberation fighters in Algiers in the 1950s. A view of the use of terrorist techniques in times of war. Widely used today to illustrate some aspects of contemporary warfare.
French or Arabic with English subtitles : Intermediate

Un Dimanche Kigali
Set in Rwanda. A Canadian Hotel Rwanda. 
French with English subtitles : Intermediate

Set in Belgium. Earned the French "Oscar" for its depiction of poverty in Belgium and its impact on family life and values. (same director as La Promesse). Docu-fiction style with easy dialogues.
French with English and French subtitles : Beginner

La Gloire de mon Pre
Set in France. Discovery of Provence by a young boy in the early nineteenth century. School as a tool for secular education.
French with English, French subtitles : Intermediate/ Advanced

InchAllah Dimanche
Set in France. An Algerian wife and children move to a small French town after 10 years of separation from the husband and face both the challenge of reconnecting as a family and of displacement away from home. (Not much speaking)
French with English subtitles : Intermediate

Indignes (Days of Glory)
Set in Algeria/ Tunisia/ Morocco. The integration of North-African and African troops to fight against Germany/Italy during the first world war. Segregation, bias and lack of recognition for services rendered. This film led to France changing its compensation for (North) African veterans to align them with French ones.
French with English subtitles : Beginner

Set in Indochina. A view of French colonialism in Indochina, the rise of the communist regime and the march to independence. Beautiful imagery. 
TWO copies on DVD : #1 (yellow jacket) : French with no subtitles : Intermediate
#2 : French with English, Spanish and French subtitles : Intermediate

Set in West Africa. An African fairy tale - a young boy's search for the way to rid his village of a sorceress who cast a spell on their water supply. 
French or English - no subtitles : Intermediate

Lacombe Lucien
Set in France. A young farmer hesitates between joining the Gestapo or the Resistance.
French with English subtitles : Intermediate

Mr Ibrahim
Set in France. A Jewish boy who discovers life with the help of an old immigrant from the Middle-East. A very different view of Paris from Avenue Montaigne.
French with English/Portuguese/Spanish subtitles : Beginner

La Promesse
Set in Belgium. Illegal immigration in Belgium through the story of a young boy who betrays his morally bankrupt father to keep his promise. (same director as L'enfant) . Docu-fiction style.
French with English and Italian subtitles : Beginner

Rue Cases Ngres (Sugar Cane Alley)
Set in the Caribbean. (De)colonization in the French Antilles seen through the schooling of a young boy raised on a sugar plantation.
French with English subtitles : Intermediate

La Turbulence des Fluides
Set in Quebec. Thriller-like quest to elucidate paranormal events in a small town. 
French with English and French subtitles : Intermediate