New Scholarship Opportunities in China Studies

The China Studies Program of the Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) in Washington, D.C. has several scholarship opportunities for emerging leaders in the field of China Studies.

The Starr China Knowledge for the World Fellowships

China Studies will offer up to two full tuition fellowship awards to students admitted to SAIS with outstanding academic records in the study of China and demonstrated commitment to pursuing careers that will contribute to promoting international understanding of China. Strong preference will be given to those candidates with Chinese language backgrounds and experience studying or working in China. Fellowships will be granted only to those individuals who have exhibited truly exceptional intellectual ability and leadership in their academic and professional endeavors in the China field. There is no separate application process for the fellowship. Awards will be made on the basis of the candidate’s general application for admission to SAIS and the SAIS China Studies Program. Successful candidates can expect to receive the same award during both their first and second academic years as China Studies students at SAIS, assuming high-quality performance during the first year of study.  Recipients of this award must make China Studies their primary concentration.

Excellence in China Studies Scholarship

Thanks to support from the Starr Foundation, SAIS China Studies can also award several substantial scholarships to students to cover a significant portion of tuition costs at SAIS. Awards will be made to students with records of academic excellence in the study of China or exceptional professional experience related to China. Students are selected for this fellowship as new, incoming students only.  Selections are made on the basis of a prospective student's overall application to SAIS and a separate application for the scholarship, consisting of an essay of no more than 1200 words explaining how completing a concentration in China Studies at SAIS will enable them to achieve their professional goals.  These application essays must be submitted to Ms. Zhaojin Ji at by the SAIS application deadline.  Students who accept this award must make China Studies their primary concentration and can expect to receive the award for both of their two years of study at SAIS in Washington DC, assuming satisfactory progress.

The R. Kendall Nottingham Fellowship

The R. Kendall Nottingham Fellowship is the generous gift of the Freeman Foundation in tribute to Robinson Kendall “Ken” Nottingham, an alumnus, longtime SAIS Advisory Council member and generous supporter of SAIS who died in 2008. The award will be given in support of the tuition of an outstanding student who will work to improve the United States’ understanding of—and relations with—China.  An award toward the costs of attending SAIS will be given to one MA candidate and one Ph.D. student each year.  Students awarded this fellowship are selected on the basis of their application for admission to SAIS and the China Studies Program; there is no separate application for these fellowships.

The Christine and Erik Brown Fellowship

This generous fellowship was established by SAIS Professor David Brown and his wife, Erna Brown, in the names of their children.   Every two years, a new Brown Fellow in China Studies is selected.  Awards go to a student with a commitment to following their studies at SAIS with a career in public service, either in government, media, or the non-profit field.  Fellows are chosen on the basis of their application for admission to SAIS; there is no separate application essay required for this Brown Fellowship.  The award helps support a China Studies student during both years of his or her study in the China Studies Program at SAIS in Washington, DC.

Other Awards

China Studies has additional scholarship awards available to second year students, including the James and Margaret Loe Fellowship, and the Stephen and Christine Liu Fellowship.

China Studies at SAIS is a premier program for the graduate study of contemporary China. Its unique multidisciplinary and historically grounded curriculum reflects China’s significant and growing international influence — from its foreign policy and presence in international organizations to its importance in the world economy — and the rapid domestic political, economic, and social changes associated with China’s recent development. Graduates of the SAIS China Studies Program serve in leadership positions around the world.