Emerging Markets Specialization Requirements

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1. Students electing to complement their regional concentration with an Emerging Markets (EM) specialization must fulfill the requirements from one of the following regional programs:

Asia: China/Korea/South Asia/Southeast Asia

Middle East
Latin America

*Emerging Europe: Economics and Country Risk (SA.710.745) may be counted as a regional EM course.

  • In addition to satisfying the requirements for these regional programs—typically six courses—students must take ONE course in an EM regional program outside their area of concentration. 
NOTE: Some academic programs may allow students to take one of their six required
courses outside their region if pursuing the Emerging Markets specialization.  Students
should consult with their regional program directors.
  • Students who concentrate in International Policy Areas (IR fields, IDEV, AFP), European and Eurasian Studies, or Japan Studies and wish to add the EM Specialization may do so by taking TWO courses in the EM regional areas noted above.

2. To complete the Emerging Markets specialization, ALL students must select TWO economics courses from the following list:

  • Asian Economic Development* (SA.320.729)
  • Case Studies in International Financial Transactions (SA.380.763)
  • Creating Markets in Infrastructure – Electricity and Beyond (310.723)
  • Credit Markets and Credit Risk (SA.380.725)
  • Developing Hard and Social Infrastructure Through Public-Private Partnerships (380.752)
  • Dynamics of Commodity Economics (840.712)
  • Economic Development (SA.320.744)
  • Economies of Central Asia* (SA.320.737)
  • Enterprise, Regulation and Development (SA.300.740)
  • Financial Crises, Emerging Markets and Policy Dilemmas (SA.400.774)
  • Financial Sector Developments and Reform in Emerging Markets (SA.400.819)
  • Global Investment Management (SA.380.772)
  • Impact Investing in Emerging Markets (SA.400.724)
  • International Financial Markets (SA.380.722)
  • Introduction to Economic Development (SA.320.724)
  • Investing in Emerging Markets (SA.380.749)
  • Microeconomics of Development (SA.320.731)
  • Multinational Corporate Finance (SA.380.761)
  • Organization and Regulation of Infrastructure (SA.300.736)
  • Private Equity in Developing Countries (SA.380.778)
  • Project Finance (SA.380.834)
  • Topics in Growth and Development (SA.320.735)

*Note: courses with an asterisk (*) have been offered in Bologna
Please contact Professor Dorothy Sobol for questions regarding the Emerging Markets Specialization
dsobol@jhu.edu or dmsobol1@aol.com


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