Objective VI: Grow Resources Available to the School

Grow the Resources Available to the School

“Accomplishing the aforementioned objectives greatly depends on our ability to grow resources available to the school. We will pursue an approach that builds greater financial flexibility and strengthens our long-term financial sustainability, focused on the following areas:
» Expand the school’s endowment
» Grow current-use funds to meet immediate needs
» Develop new sources of revenue
» Secure large gifts
» Strengthen connections with alumni and friends of Johns Hopkins SAIS”

We raised $50 million for the establishment of the Henry A. Kissinger Center for Global Affairs.


Our biggest accomplishment this year was the establishment of the Kissinger Center. This was made possible by the extraordinary leadership of Johns Hopkins University alumnus and former board chair Michael R. Bloomberg and by generous gifts from individual donors, corporations, and private foundations. Their combined support of over $50 million represents the largest gift in the history of the school.

We exceeded our fundraising goal for 2016.

We raised $32 million in fiscal year 2016. Over $20 million of that funding was for the endowment, which provides for the long-term health of the institution. $15.25 million was directed to Kissinger Center faculty and programming. $3.75 million was directed to fellowship support. Through the generous support of alumni and other donors, we also increased the endowment for the Hopkins-Nanjing Center by $2 million, which provides valuable resources for fellowships and faculty support. The number of gifts and pledges over $100,000 has increased 25% over the last year and has been consistently growing over the past three years.

We established new mechanisms for philanthropy.

We established the Fund for SAIS, which raised $873,006 through over 1600 gifts. The first “Reunion” class gift campaign was also created and raised $200,000 from the class of ’91. We strengthened the pipeline for giving to the alumni-based Christian Herter Society by increasing participation in the group by 5%.

We networked with the Johns Hopkins SAIS community worldwide to expand resources and opportunities for the school.

We spent the year extensively coordinating with other offices in the school, in particular with Admissions, Career Services Communications Office, Student Services, and Academic Affairs. A greater focus on alumni collaboration resulted in securing additional financial resources from alumni as well as internships and employment leads from alumni for our students and graduates. We built permanent relationships between alumni and Career Services and Admissions for recruitment and career placement. We visited over 700 donors and philanthropists in order to grow the school’s resources and plan to increase our engagement in the coming year.