FY16 Progress Report

In 2016 Johns Hopkins SAIS exceeded its fundraising goals. We welcomed the largest gift in the history of the school. We recruited the most competitive students and faculty in the field of international relations. We built stronger relationships with each other and our global network of alumni and partners in governments, the private sector, and multilateral institutions. We expanded the school’s profile in Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.
All of this work took place under a new Strategic Plan initiative that focused on objectives to advance the school’s mission: 
To educate and prepare the next generation of global leaders in government, the private sector, multilateral institutions, and the nonprofit sector to solve multifaceted 21st century global challenges through a curriculum strongly rooted in a study of international relations, economics, and regional studies.
Johns Hopkins SAIS has been fortunate to welcome many positive developments this year, which you can read about in the sections below. As we continue to welcome new members and components into the Johns Hopkins SAIS community, we will maintain a forward-looking and thoughtful approach on integrating today’s accomplishments into the historical foundation of the school and the future path we see for it.  
Our continued success depends on self-evaluation and openness to new ideas. Throughout the year, we took stock of our progress by hosting strategic planning meetings with senior staff, which culminated in a July retreat. The result is a tapestry of accomplishments that spans the functions of the entire school that was made possible by the hard work and commitment of the entire Johns Hopkins SAIS community. We are proud to share what we’ve accomplished this year and welcome your feedback and collaboration moving forward. 

Vali Nasr