Objective V: Foster a Culture of Staff Excellence

Foster a Culture of Staff Excellence

“Fostering a culture of staff excellence will enable the school to recruit and retain talented, accomplished, and diverse employees working toward the shared goal of improving student-centered services and strengthening our institutional platform. We will adopt a human resources philosophy that prioritizes staff and faculty relations, customer service, recruitment, and retention. We will also create new professional development opportunities, initiate a school-wide dialogue on human resources needs, and implement new performance assessment tools.”

We created a structure for new employees to achieve success.

Our efforts to foster a culture of staff excellence focused on building an onboarding process for new employees so they could successfully navigate a new professional environment. We formed an operations team that discussed and implemented ways to improve the onboarding process. Several members of this team were regularly available to new employees to provide advice and ongoing mentoring. We created a Human Resources Advisory Committee to address onboarding as well as issues of interest to all staff, such as training opportunities, employment engagement, faculty relations, and health and wellness. For next year, we aim to expand the new employee orientation program in greater partnership and coordination with our JHU colleagues in Baltimore.