Objective III: Foster a Culture of Collaboration and Learning Among Faculty

Foster a Culture of Collaboration
“We seek stronger connections among the school’s faculty in Washington, DC; Bologna, Italy; and Nanjing, China, and with other divisions within the university to foster a culture of research, inquiry, information sharing, and collegiality. We plan to pursue opportunities such as the Bloomberg Distinguished Professorships, which allow us to share faculty across the university and introduce students to new topics and experts outside of the traditional international affairs arena.”

We grew the school’s academic networks and deepened our intellectual engagement across disciplines.

This year we developed more opportunities for faculty members to engage socially and discuss their research in informal settings with one another. We have also begun to explore possibilities for more research collaboration between our faculty and those at the different schools in the JHU network. The establishment of the Bloomberg Distinguished Professorship program in which JHU professors teach in the Bloomberg School of Public Health and at Johns Hopkins SAIS has served as an important precursor and model for such future engagement. The Aronson professorships, which are shared positions between Johns Hopkins SAIS and the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, also further our objective to deepen intellectual engagement across the JHU network. 

We will create more opportunities for faculty to convene and build relationships.

Moving forward, we would like to encourage faculty to pursue more collaborative efforts across academic disciplines. We plan to think more creatively about incentivizing faculty participation across programs and will continue to play a convening role in bringing the University’s intellectual communities closer together. This will require more administrative coordination within the school and with the JHU network. We will also focus on redistributing administrative responsibilities for faculty in order to open up opportunities for more collaboration. We also plan to focus more on mentorship of junior professors, especially since our faculty is growing and there are many new opportunities to build links between junior and senior faculty members.